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山东大汉,文学青年 ^_^





Got master degree from Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University with supervisor Min-You Wu, major in Computer Architecture (计算机系统结构).

Got the bachelor degree from Software College, Shanghai Tong Ji University, major in Software Engineering.

Will work as an Associate System Engineer (ASE) in Cisco.

Research Field

When purchasing the master degree, my research field mainly focuses on the Network Economics.

To be more specifically, I try to resolve some selfish problems in the computer field by utilizing the game theory and mechanism design in Economics.

For example, the task assignment problem in Grid environment, the resource allocation problem in SensorWeb, the routing problem in wireless sensor networks and so on. 

Working Experience

2004.6-2005.8 SunSystems Shanghai, R&D Department, Software Developer (Fulltime)

Internship Experience

2007.7-2007.9 National Instruments (NI), R&D Department, Software Developer (Intern)
2004.2-2007.6 Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology, R&D Department, Software Developer (Intern)