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Congratulations to our JKSK Black Belts who passed their dan grading last night. Lewis Gibbs 2nd Dan, Graham Hull 2nd Dan, Roger Brennand 2nd Dan and Paul Squires 1st Dan. Well deserved promotions. Osu! 👊🥋🥋🥋🥋👊

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We've just heard a very sad news that our dear friend Sensei Franklyn Doras 6th Dan KSKC Birmingham has suddenly passed away last night. He will be greatly missed by all of us in the karate family. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends. Rest in peace Franklyn.

Congratulations to Sensei Gabriel Tan being awarded his Black Belt 5th Dan from NAKMAS National Governing Body. Here receiving his 5th Dan certificate from Sensei Franklyn Doras 6th Dan KSKC Birmingham. 

Family Team Kata: 🥇Richard, Ewan & Dylan Smith 🥈Daljit & Jasleen Kaur & Isaac Battersby 🥉Jessica & Oscar Chalk & Daniel Hye. 
Junior Ind. Kata: 7-9yrs 🥇Isaac Battersby 🥈Reuben Wright 🥉Gracie Deller 
Junior Ind. Kata: 10-12yrs 🥇Owen Gibson 🥈Christian Passey 🥉Daniel Hye.
Junior Ind. Kata: 10-12yrs Runners Up 🥇Oscar Harrison 🥈Dylan Smith 🥉Jasleen Kaur.
Junior Team Kata: 🥇Christian Passey, Daniel Hye & Owen Gibson. 🥈Alfie Dickman, Jasleen Kaur & Oscar Harrison. 🥉Isaac Battersby & Reuben Wright.
Junior Ind Kumite: 7-9yrs 🥇Gracie Deller 🥈Oscar Chalk 🥉Joe Carter. 
Junior Ind Kumite: 10-12yrs 🥇Alfie Dickman 🥈Daniel Hye 🥉Dylan Smith.

August 16  2017 

Amazing achievement. Well done George! Graded 20.07.17 👊🥋

August 10 · 2017

JKSK recently graded Shodan Joe Milton proudly showing off his Black Belt certificate. Congratulations Joe! 👊🥋

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May 6th 2017
JKSK Spring Kicking Course - We managed to cover lot of kicks today. Maybe some sore legs tomorrow! Thanks for your suppport. You guys are awesome!

March 25th 2017
JKSK Grading Day - Awesome grading today. All full of focus and determination. Well done all. Osu!

JKSK feeling fantastic.

Oh what a night! Thank you all for attending our 9th JKSK Christmas Party & Award Ceremony. Hope you all had a fab time. Thank you to all the parents who helped in the kitchen, serving food & drinks and arranging tables and chairs. 
Sensei is overwhelmed with all the kind presents and cards. Thank you very much.
Lastly sincere thanks and appreciation to both junior and senior black belts who have been tremendous this year.
Merry Christmas everyone 🎉🎄🎈 Osu!

Most Improved Student 2016 - Oliver Hull (Stotfold dojo).

Student of the Year 2016 - Jasleen Kaur (Arlesey), Joe B (Fairfield Park), William De Monfort (Shefford) & Owen Gibson (Stotfold).

1st Dec 2016 · 

Please join us in congratulating Katie Clark, Matthew Clark and Richard Smith in achieving their Black Belt 2nd Dan (Nidan). They went through over 1 1/2 hrs of very challenging grading on 1st Dec 2016. After 4 yrs of continuing persistent training they've now reached ano

ther level of their black belt. Well deserved JKSK Yudansha. Simply awesome 👍
Nov 5th 2016


assive congratulations to our JKSK Black Belt Helen Oakley and Nigel Stevens for achieving their Black Belt 3rd Dan (Sandan)! On 5th November they both went through two hrs of very challenging grading under the watchful eye of Sensei Franklyn Doras (6th Dan - KSKC) and Sensei Gabriel Tan. All the hard work paid off. Well done Helen and Nigel. We are very proud of your achievement. Osu!

October 21st 2016

Introducing our new JKSK Black Belt Intermediate - Paul Squires. Paul had an hour of challenging assessment / grading last night and he came out triumph. Congratulations Paul. Osu!

Results for the JKSK 9th Championship are:
*Black Belts Invidual Kata: 1st place David Weston (Nijushiho), 2nd place Matthew Clark (Hangetsu) & 3rd place Helen Oakley (Meikyo). 
*Black Belts Individual Kumite: 1st place Jason Bennett, 2nd place Clive Adams & 3rd place Nigel Stevens.
*Family Team Kata: 1st place Oliver, Harry Hull & Joe Bibb, 2nd place Richard, Dylan & Ewan Smith and 3rd place Pete, Finlay & Freya Luxford.
*Junior Invidual Kata (7 - 9 yrs): 1st place Alfie Dickman, 2nd place Ewan Smith & 3rd place Hope Bougas. 
*Junior Individual Kata (10 - 12 yrs): 1st place Oliver Hull, 2nd place Dylan Smith & 3rd place Daniel Dodds. 
*Junior Individual Kata (13 - 15 yrs): 1st place Joe Bibb & 2nd place Harry Hull.
*Senior Individual Kata: 1st place Pete Luxford & 2nd place Lucy Smith. 
*Junior Team Kata: 1st place Oliver Hull & Harry Hull. 2nd place Alfie Dickman, Owen Gibson & Finlay Harrison and 3rd place Dylan Smith & Ewan Smith. 
*Junior Individual Kumite (7 - 9 yrs): 1st place Finlay Harrison, 2nd place Alfie Dickman and 3rd place Maxwell Clarke.
*Junior Individual Kumite (10 - 12 yrs): 1st place Ben McCandless, 2nd place Daniel Dodds and 3rd place Oscar Harrison. 
*Junior Individual Kumite (13 - 15 yrs): 1st place Harry Hull and 2nd place Joe Bibb. 
*Senior Individual Kumite: 1st place Pete Luxford and 2nd place Lucy Smith.
Congratulations and well done to all JKSK medalists!

15 July 2016
Announcing our JKSK youngest ever Black Belt - Joe Smy! Joe went through over an hour of virtually non stop grading last night. Awesome tenacity and seishin (spirit). Congratulations Joe. Well deserved JKSK Black Belt. Osu! 
Brilliant grading today. Full of focus and spirit. Well done all. 

Belt presentation at your next class. Don't miss it. Osu!

Awesome Kicking course this morning enjoyed by all who attended. Nice tobi geri (flying kick) everyone. Osu!

What a night! Our JKSK Award Ceremony & Christmas Party 2015 finished with bang last night! Good to see all JKSK families there enjoying the party. Thank you all for attending and sincere thanks to parents who helped out in the kitchen, helping with serving the food and clearing the hall. Also big thank you to all dan grades who have been brilliant in supporting all JKSK events this year.
Lastly, as Sensei said last night, it is the parents who made us the JKSK what it is today, with their relentlessly encouragement and support. And to the students who possess the JISHIN (self belief) mindset and always strive for perfection. Thank you all! Here is to another great year 2016. Osu!

11 Dec 2015

Congratulations to Sam Lyon and James Steer who achieved their Black Intermediate last night. Well done.
Many thanks to our JKSK black belts who assisted with the grading. Osu!

3rd Dec 2015

JKSK senior members Christmas dinner get together tonight at Three Horseshoes, Norton. Fab evening with good food and great company 

Congratulations to Sam Parkhill, Clive Adams and Kiran Patel who achieved their Black Belt shodan last night. Awesome display of self belief (jishin) , skills, focus and tenacity. Osu!

17th Oct 2015

Today was our JKSK Championship 2015. It was a fab day. All competitors enjoyed the day and it was full of fun, sportsmanship and good spirit. Thank you to all who competed and to families and friends for their

 support. Huge thanks to our JKSK official photographer Stuart Fielder, main judges Helen Oakley and David Weston and all dan grades who did a brilliant job keeping scores and time. Here are the results:

Family Team Kata: 1st place Finlay Luxford, Pete Luxford & Catherine Kavanagh. 2nd place Lewis Miller, Alister Miller & Oscar Harrison.

Junior Individual kata (7-9 yrs): 1st place Isaac Carroll, 2nd place Lewis Miller & 3rd place Casey Haxton-Mack.

Junior Individual kata (10-12 yrs): 1st place Joe Milton, 2nd place Ethan Coombes & 3rd place Oscar Harrison.

Junior Individual kata (13-15 yrs): 1st place Joe Bibb, 2nd place James Steer.
Junior Individual kata (7-9yrs): 1st place Isaac Carroll, 2nd place Lewis Miller & 3rd place Casey Haxton-Mack.
Junior Team kata (all ages): 1st place Ethan Coombes, Lewis De-Wilde & William De Monfort, 2nd place Lewis Miller, Oscar Harrison & Alister Miller & 3rd place Joe Milton & James Steer.
Senior Individual Kata: 1st place Clive Adams, 2nd place Catherine Kavanagh & 3rd place Pete Luxford.
Junior Individual Kumite (7-9 yrs): 1st place Harry Exall, 2nd place Swetha Moro & 3rd place Alfie Dickman.
Junior Individual Kumite (10-12 yrs): 1st place Dimitris Fourkalidis, 2nd place Lewis De-Wilde & 3rd place Daniel Hye.
Junior Individual Kumite (13-15 yrs): 1st place James Steer, 2nd place Joe Bibb & 3rd place Lewis Gibbs.
Senior Individual Kumite: 1st place Pete Luxford, 2nd place Catherine Kavanagh.
Black Belts Individual kata: 1st place David Weston (Nijushiho), 2nd place Helen Oakley (Gankaku Sho) & 3rd place Finlay Luxford (Enpi).
Black Belts Individual Kumite: 1st place David Weston, 2nd place Clive Adams & 3rd place Helen Oakley.

3rd Oct 2015 · 

Congratulations to everyone who graded and passed today. Good grading and there is always room for improvement. Let's keep focus and make further progress as we move up a grade. Well done all! Massive thanks to all grading officials and helpers who did a fantastic job on the day.

4th July 2015

Congratulations to all JKSK students who passed their grading today! A scorching hot day for everyone to go through their grading. Nevertheless all stuck to the task in hand and kept their focus and spirit. Brilliant! Osu!

Thank you to all officials who did a brilliant job on the day!


!! Congratulations to Graham Hull and Clarissa Dakin - JKSK new Black Belts !!
Awesome black belt grading last night. Both Graham and Clarissa went through over an hour of exam on their martial arts knowledge and skills. Excellent display of zanshin (alertness) and seishin (spirit) on their kihon, kata and kumite. Fighting against our JKSK keen and fearsome black belt fighters is always daunting but both Graham and Clarissa stood their ground and got on with their task giving their all. Their down but not out attitude is commendable. Well done! Osu.
Picture left to right: Lewis Gibbs, Finlay Luxford, Katie Clark, Clarissa Dakin, Graham Hull, Conor Stevens, Matthew Clark and David Weston.

26th June 2015

! Congratulations George and Katrina !
Last night two of our JKSK junior members Katrina Brennand and George Goddon went for their Black Belt Intermediate grading. Both of them went through an hour of stringent assessment of their performance. Their determination and tenacity are admirable and they used that to their advantage when they had to face and fight other fearsome JKSK Black Belts namely James Kolek, Katie Clark and Kiran Patel (Black Intermediate). Well done George and Katrina on achieving their Black Belt Intermediate!
Picture from left to right: James Kolek, Katie Clark, Katrina Brennand, George Goddon and Kiran Patel.

JKSK 5 June 2015 · 
Fantastic self defence workshop enjoyed by all the ladies who attended.
So much fun, laughter and at the same time learning how to deal with sticky situation in many different real life scenarios. Thank you all for attending.

JKSK April 25th 

JKSK Applied Karate & Self Defence course - Awesome course this morning! We all explored and learned how we can apply our karate punches, hand strikes, limb control, the real use of blocks and kicks and the good effect of ying yang moves! Juniors learned how to confront bullies and some good get away techniques.
Thank you for your support. Osu!

March 26 2015

Last night JKSK produced two more junior black belts. After over an hour of what was their ultimate test, both Jamie Parker and Thomas Smy passed their Shodan (1st dan) grading. They used up all their body & mind skills including stamina, budo spirit, focus, determination, perseverance and tenacity. They were down and quickly they were up again, no complain just carried on with the fights. A true test of character - never give up. Well worthy JKSK junior Black Belts. Well done. Osu!

March 13 2015

Please join us in congratulating our senior member Clive Adams who has achieved his well deserved Black Belt Intermediate status. Clive went through an hour of virtually non stop grading last night showing excellent budo etiquette, resilience and skills. He certainly gave the Dan Grades a good run for their money in their kumite (free sparring). Well done Clive. Osu!

Jan 24 2015

Awesome kata and bunkai (applications) course today. Nijushiho and Heian Yondan were the chosen katas. Full of fun and knowledge. Thank you to all who attended.

December 17 2014 
To conclude yet another successful year for the JKSK, here are our JKSK awards and achievements:
Most Improved Student 2014 - Clarissa Dakin
Student of the Year 2014 - Thomas Smy (Stotfold), Sam Parkhill (Shefford), Katrina Brennand (Fairfield Park) and Joe Milton (Arlesey).
Black Belts 2nd Dan - Conor Stevens.
Black Belt 1st Dan - Ewan Wood, Finlay Luxford, James Kolek, Janette Innes and Roger Brennand.
Black Belt Intermediate - Clarissa Dakin, Joseph Smy, Kiran Patel, Graham Hull and Sam Parkhill.
Well done all!

December 15 2014
What a fab evening at the JKSK Christmas Party & Awards Presentation 2014. Hope all JKSK members and parents enjoyed the party.
Sensei Tan would like to thank everybody for making the party such a joyful one. Thank you also for the chocolates, drinks, cards and most of all your kind words. Very humbling indeed.
Click HERE for photos

Awesome kyu grading today. Well done to those who graded. Thank you to all JKSK officials and helpers and special mention to our newly graded junior black belt Finlay Luxford and James Kolek who did a brilliant job in ushering.
Tomorrow is party time! Yay!
Last night five of our JKSK 1st Kyu went through over an hour of mind and body endurance test. They showed their best JKSK Seishin (spirit) and budo etiquette. All of them passed with flying colours.
Congratulations to our JKSK new Black Belt Intermediate namely Graham Hull, Clarissa Dakin, Kiran Patel, Sam Parkhill and Joseph Smy. Osu!
JKSK have produced five elite Black Belts 1st Dan and one 2nd Dan!
Please join us in congratulating Roger Brennand, Janette Innes, Finlay Luxford, Ewan Wood, James Kolek (all 1st Dan) and Conor Stevens (2nd Dan).
Awesome black belt grading last night; two hours of 'fun' full of character building and intensity. Not only did they performed well they displayed great tenacity, seishin (martial arts spirit, resilience, control aggression and most of all the fine integrity of Jishinkai etiquette. Very well done indeed. Osu!
18.10.14: 7th JKSK Annual Championship 2014: What a fantastic 7th JKSK Annual Championship! Great competitiveness, great sportsmanship, great camaraderie, great atmosphere and great etiquette enjoyed by all competitors, families and friends. Thank you all for making this year's tournament a great success. Our thanks to all JKSK officials namely Helen Oakley, Nigel Stevens, David Weston, Richard Smith, Justin Ng, Conor Stevens, Roger Brennand and Graham Hull. Also many thanks to Pete Luxford for fabulous photos.
The winners for the 7th JKSK Annual Championship 2014 are:

BLACK BELT KATA: GOLD - Conor Stevens (Gankaku), SILVER - David Weston (Enpi), BRONZE - Richard Smith (Jion).
BLACK BELT KUMITE: GOLD - David Weston, SILVER - Richard Smith, BRONZE - Conor Stevens. 
Individual Mens Kata: GOLD - Graham Hull, SILVER - Roger Brennand.
Individual Mens Kumite: GOLD - Roger Brennand, SILVER - Graham Hull.
Family Kata: GOLD - Graham Hull, Oliver Hull & Harry Hull, SILVER - Joshua Heaton, Emily Heaton & Jack Jarrett, BRONZE - Richard Smith, Ewan Smith & Dylan Smith.
Individual Kata (age 7-9): GOLD - Dylan Smith, SILVER - Oliver Hull, BRONZE - Hannah Cranston.
Individual Kata (age 10-12): GOLD - James Kolek, SILVER - Harry Hull, BRONZE - Joe Milton.
Individual Kata (age 13-15): GOLD - James Steer, SILVER - Clarissa Dakin, BRONZE - Ewan Wood.
Junior Team Kata: GOLD - James Kolek, James Steer & Kiran Patel, SILVER - Finlay Luxford, Ewan Wood & Clarissa Dakin, BRONZE - Emily Heaton, Joshua Heaton & Jack Jarrett.
Individual Kumite (age 7-9): GOLD - Oliver Hull, SILVER - Hannah Cranston, BRONZE - Leah Petty.
Individual Kumite (age 10-12): GOLD - Finlay Luxford, SILVER - Jack Jarrett, BRONZE - Joe Bibb.
Individual Kumite (age 13-15): GOLD - Kieran Patel, SILVER - Clarissa Dakin, BRONZE - James Crawley.

27.09.14: JKSK Autumn Grading. Time really flies, another grading over and done with! Our JKSK Autumn grading was held on 27th September. Although the number of students was not as big as the July grading, the effort and determination were just as great. Fab to see some natural progression especially from our after school clubs students who left their lower schools and enrolled at our JKSK main clubs. Good grading all! 

05.07.14: JKSK Summer Grading was held on 5th July at the Stotfold Memorial Hall. Good spirit and focus were displayed by all students who graded. Overall standard was high and brilliant etiquette by all. Many new beginners graded for the first time and all of them sailed through with flying colours. Well done all.
11.05.14: Special Aikido Session (annual exchange) was held at our JKSK dojo the Stotfold Memorial Hall on Sunday 11th May. We were honoured to have Sensei James Hall of Taidokan MK and his students back to our dojo, giving us an excellent weapons session. Awesome session enjoyed by all senior members and junior Brown & Black Belts.
Click HERE for photos    
10.05.14: JKSK Open Course was held at JKSK Arlesey dojo - the WI Hall on Saturday 10th May. The main content for this course is Applied Karate for Self Defence. Many self defence moves and techniques were drilled and explored. This includes different types of joint locks, strikes, ground work, chokes and kicks.
Juniors were briefed about anti bullying and they worked in pairs and go through several useful moves to get out of trouble, etc. A relax, informative and beneficial course enjoyed by all who attended.
Click HERE for photos 
21.03.14: JKSK Spring Grading was held on 15th of March at the JKSK hombu dojo - Stotfold Memorial Hall. A record number of students went for their grading with good focus and confidence. Many new beginners went for their first ever grading and managed to hold their nerve and passed with flying colours. All showed much progress especially the Brown Belts. All the hard works finally paid off. Well done all!
A special mention to our junior 1st Kyu who went through an hour long grading on Thursday 20th of March; Very well discipline showing tremendous tenacity and excellent courage. Many congratulations to Ewan Wood, Finlay Luxford, Jamie Parker and Thomas Smy for achieving their Black Belt Intermediate. Osu!
A big thank you to all JKSK officials and helpers on the day!
25.01.14: JKSK Winter Course:
JKSK first course of the year 2014 was held at our JKSK Arlesey dojo. Heian Yondan and Meikyo were the order of the day. Sensei Tan led the class by going through both katas step by step and briefing everyone the key points of each movement or technique, paying attention to body dynamic and the proper use of core strength.
Second half of the course; everyone focus on kata bunkai for Heian Yondan. All students were encouraged to explore their own applications and to always think outside the box. Good to see many light bulbs moments even with the juniors.
Great course enjoyed by all who attended.  
Click HERE for photos.
15.12.13: JKSK Christmas Party & Award Ceremony 2013: Another great year for the JKSK Karate group! This year was
particularly special as we have two Dan Grades who have been graded to Nidan (2nd Dan), increasing the number of Nidan to five!
Great atmosphere on the night with all members who attended having a joyful time. Our two young female Dan Grades Katie Clark and Savannah Fielder led a brilliant warming up session. This followed quickly with team work challenges and some fun games. The ever popular kata - Chinte (Incredible Hands) was again the kata of the night and the children loved it. New belts and important awards were presented and with the encouragement from the audience, the candidates who received their awards started to give some speeches! This stirred quite a bit of laughter and got Sensei Tan giggling too.
Sensei Tan thanked all parents and members for their support over the past years and a special thank you to the parents who helped out in the kitchen on the night and arranging the tables and chairs. Gifts were presented to JKSK Senior Instructors - Stuart Fielder, Helen Oakley and Nigel Stevens. Sensei Tan also thanked for the hamper, brownies, chocolates and drinks he recieved from some parents and members.  
This year's awards were:
Most Spirited Grading for December 2013 - GEORGE GODDON (Stotfold dojo)
The JKSK Student of the Year 2013 - FINLAY LUXFORD (Stotfold dojo), JOE BIBB (Fairfield Park dojo), CLARISSA DAKIN (Arlesey dojo) and KIRAN PATEL (Shefford dojo).
The JKSK Most Improved Student 2013 - ASHLEY CLINCH (Stotfold dojo)
Black Belt Intermediate - JAMES KOLEK and JANETTE INNES
NIDAN (Black Belt 2nd Dan) - DAVID WESTON and SAVANNAH FIELDER (both graded on 5th December 2013)
Champion of UNSU (kata) 2013 - CONOR STEVENS
Congratulations to all! Senior members had a relax session full of laughter and social drinks and food afterward. A great night to conclude another fabulous year!
Click HERE for photos.
19.10.13: 6th JKSK Annual Championship 2013: A great tournament enjoyed by all who attended. The number of members participated in this year event has actually increased. Sensei Tan thanks families and friends who supported the tournament. The day went very smoothly in a very organised manner and all credit goes to all those who helped with the officiating, in particular, Nigel Stevens, Conor Stevens, Richard Berry,David Weston and Justin Ng. Sensei Tan also praised all competitors for their excellent etiquette and sportsmanship whilst not losing their competitiveness. Well done all.
The winners for the 6th JKSK Annual Championship 2013 are:
BLACK BELT KATA: GOLD - David Weston (Nijushiho), SILVER - Conor Stevens (Enpi), BRONZE -Richard Berry (Gankaku).
BLACK BELT KUMITE: GOLD - David Weston, SILVER - Conor Stevens, BRONZE - Richard Berry.
Individual Mens Kata: GOLD - George Allen, SILVER - Clive Adams, BRONZE - Graham Hull.
Individual Mens Kumite: GOLD - George Allen, SILVER - Graham Hull, BRONZE - Steve Borthwick.
Family Kata: GOLD - Joseph Smy, Thomas Smy & James Kolek, SILVER - Finlay Luxford, Freya Luxford & Kiran Patel, BRONZE - Oliver Hull, Harry Hull & Graham Hull.
Individual Kata (age 7-9): GOLD - Joseph Smy, SILVER - Eathan Coombes, BRONZE - Oliver Hull.
Individual Kata (age 10-12): GOLD - Thomas Smy, SILVER - Harry Hull, BRONZE - James Kolek.
Individual Kata (age 13-15): GOLD - Clarissa Dakin, SILVER - Kiran Patel, BRONZE - Ashley Clinch.
Junior Team Kata: GOLD - George Goddon, James Kolek & Kiran Patel, SILVER - Ashley Clinch, Sam Lyon & Finlay Luxford. BRONZE - Joshua Heaton, Emily Heaton & Jack Jarrett.
Individual Kumite (age 7-9): GOLD - Taylor Stevens, SILVER - Joshua Heaton, BRONZE - Joseph Smy.
Individual Kumite (age 10-12): GOLD - Finlay Luxford, SILVER - Ellie Warwick, BRONZE - Joe Bibb.
Individual Kumite (age 13-15): GOLD - Clarissa Dakin, SILVER - Sam Lyon, BRONZE - Kiran Patel.
Click HERE for photos.
28.09.13: JKSK Autumn Grading was held on 28th of September at the Stotfold Memorial Hall.  The grading went
smoothly and as expected all students did very well and with excellent focus. The spirit shown by the students was very good especially with the higher grades. Sensei Tan was particularly impressed with the progress of the purple and brown belts. All students had put in lots of effort and determination and for those who attended the pre grading workshops the benefits and reward prevailed. Great job everybody! A big thank you to all officials and helpers on the day.
A special mention to our junior 1st Kyu James Kolek who went through an hour long closed door grading on Thursday 26th of September. James showed tremendous courage and spirit as expected of a 1st Kyu. He passed with flying colours and is now our JKSK Black Belt Intermediate (Brown and Black stripe). Well done James!
JKSK Most Spirited Grading award went to Ashley Clinch, 3rd Kyu (JKSK Stotfold).
Grading photos coming soon... 
06.07.13: JKSK Summer Grading: The grading was held on Saturday 6th of July at the JKSK honbu dojo - the Stotfold
Memorial Hall. Yet again we had a record number of students graded. All gave their best effort despite the hot condition. Most of the students graded had good feedback from the examining panel and a few had constructive advice so to improve their performance at the next grading.
On Thursday 4th of July we had four juniors namely Lewis Gibbs (13), Ryan Parker (13), Alex Wright (14) and Oliver Wright (13) who went for their Black Belt 1st Dan grading. A very demanding and challenging grading as expected but all four candidates rose to the challenge. After over an hour of virtually nonstop action, the four of them were left shattered but they all passed. Congratulations to Alex, Lewis, Ryan and Oliver. They've proved that by putting in the effort, hard work, focus, determination and JISHIN (self belief), one can achieve the goal of gaining a Black Belt. Well done to the four of them!
The Most Spirited Grading award went to our newly graded 5th Kyu Katie Morton (JKSK Arlesey)
Click HERE for grading photos.
22.06.13: Bowling Night: It's been a few years since our JKSK senior members and partners last went bowling. On Saturday night 22nd of June we went bowling at the Hollywood Bowl at Stevenage Leisure Park. There were some hidden talents who have obviously done it many times before. Great fun and lots of laughter.
After the bowling everybody headed for some Chinese buffet at the Dragon King in Letchworth. All in all a fun night.
Thank you to Janette Innes for organising it. 
Click HERE to view the photo album  
28.04.13: Special Aikido session: JKSK was honourend to have Sensei James Hall of Taidokan, British Aikido Yoshinkan
visiting our Stotfold dojo again. The last one was a year ago. It was great to see all JKSK students trying their very best to adapt and learn an Art that was and still is so froreign to them. The very different gamae stance, the strike, the entry and the unbalance of the opponent and hips move were all very challenging but all students focus and learned well. When one gives it a deeper thought; some of the principles and concepts are similar to our Shotokan Karate. Some moves were certainly food for thought.
Fascinating stuff enjoyed by all senior students and all Brown and Black Belt. A big thanks to Sensei Hall and his students for giving up their time coming over and providing us a brilliant Aikido session.
Sensei Tan and his senior dan grades Stuart Fielder, Helen Oakley, Nigel Stevens and Katie Clark paid a return visit to Sensei Hall's dojo in Milton Keynes the following Tuesday. Contents of the session were Shotokan Karate kicks and a Kata called Gankaku (Crane on the Rock). It was a fun and enjoyable class with Sensei Hall's students trying their best to execute the kicks and so focus on learning the beautiful kata - Gankaku. Sharing martial arts knowledge with such a lovely group of people is just simply a joy!
Both associations have a mutual respect for each other and sharing the same sentiment of being an egoless martial arts group. This annual exchange of teaching has created a special bond between the two groups. 
Click HERE to view the photo album
27.04.13: JKSK Spring Course:
An excellent course based on Sports Karate theme enjoyed by all JKSK students who attended the course. The course was divided into two halves where first half was focused on Jiyu Kumite and the second half on Kata. On Jiyu Kumite students learned how to advance foward effectively with good footwork and defend with shifts and counter. In the second half Kata - Heian Godan was the order of the day. Students learned how and why they have to always have an opponent in mind when performtheir kata so to make their kata more expressive. Breathing and timing are equally important. To conclude the excellent course all JKSK Black Belts performed a brilliant Kata - Jion and received a well deserved round of applause from the audience. Thank you to those who attended and supported the course. Osu!
Click HERE to view the photo album          
16.03.13: JKSK Spring Grading:
The grading was held on Saturday 16th of March at the Stotfold Memorial Hall. We have a record number of students graded this time. Despite the big number of students the grading went smoothly, thanks to the efficient grading officials and helpers. Grading standard was high as expected and the extra practice most students had at the pre-grading workshops paid off. Dojo and grading etiquette were observed brilliantly by all grades. Higher grades in particular, displayed excellent knowledge of the required syllabus. Well done all!
The Most Spirited Grading Award went to our new 4th Kyu, Katrina Brennand (JKSK Shefford) who had an excellent grading. Well done Katrina.
Click HERE for grading photos.  
04.03.13: Iain Abernethy Kata Bunkai Seminar:
On Sunday 4th March Sensei Tan and JKSK senior dan grades Stuart Fielder and Helen Oakley travelled up to Birmingham to attend a kata bunkai seminar provided by Iain Abernethy 6th Dan BCA.
Food for thought bunkai based on the kata - Jion. Iain is a top bloke and his way and thinking of how bunkai works is fab.
Excellent seminar!
 26.01.13: JKSK Winter Special Kata Course: The Kata special course was held at our Arlesey dojo the WI Hall on
Saturday 26th January 2013. Nigel sensei kicked off the course with a good warm up stretching exercise and ensures everyone was well stretched and ready to go. Sensei Tan covered two kata with the class, one Heian Godan and the other was an advanced kata Nijushiho. Emphasis was on certain elements that makes one's kata a better one, elements such as breathing, zanshin (focus), form, proper use of our knees, timing, etc. After explaining those important elements Sensei Tan got everyone to practise the kata for about half an hour or so by constantly remember to apply those elements mentioned.
After that students paired up to go through a few kata bunkai (application). For bunkai, juniors were shown applications that are within karate e.g. a step punch is met by a basic inside block follow by a hook punch. With Stuart sensei's assistance, the seniors practiced the bunkai in a more reality base and more close range self protection techniques. Students were encouraged to use their own initiative,imagination and creative thinking to come up with their own interpretation of the chosen kata sequences.
A fun and beneficial course for those who attended and no doubt the course would help to further improve their kata performance and how kata bunkai works. Sensei Tan thanked those who attended and supported the course.
Click HERE to view the photo album     
16.12.12: JKSK Christmas Party & Award Ceremony 2012: What a year it has been! New Dojo, new members, new Dan Grades including a 2nd Dan, new grading format, record number of Brown Belts, great courses, nice BBQ, fantastic tournament, great camaraderie amongst all members and parents and friends, and what better way to finish off the year with a joyful party to celebrate a fabulous JKSK year!
Sensei Tan
would like to thank EVERYONE for their support and help over the past years. A special mention to the parents who help out in the kitchen, arranging the tables and chairs and generally looking after the kids during the party - thank you! Sensei Tan also would like to thank all his JKSK senior instructors namely Stuart Fielder, Helen Oakley, Nigel Stevens and Ian Ballard for their awesome support throughout the years. Thank you to Graeme Innes who took the time to take lot of wonderful photos during the evening.
To kick off the evening, our JKSK newly graded Brown Belts 2nd Kyu - Finlay Luxford, Jamie Parker and Thomas Smy led a brilliant warming up session. This shortly followed by many fun drills and games which filled the hall with laughter. While the juniors were enjoying their party food and drinks, kyu grade belts were presented out to all who graded the previous day. Sensei Tan then presented the important awards to the following students:
Most Spirted Grading for December 2012
 - Finlay Luxford (JKSK Stotfold).
The JKSK Student of the year 2012 - Alex Thomas (JKSK Stotfold), Katrina Brennand (JKSK Shefford), Sam Lyon (JKSK Arlesey) and Max Whittaker-Mead (JKSK Fairfield Park).
The JKSK Most Improved Student 2012 - Harry Hull (JKSK Stotfold)
SHODAN (Black Belt 1st Dan) - Richard Smith, Richard Berry, Katie Clark and Matthew Clark (graded 13th December 2012).
NIDAN (Black Belt 2nd Dan) - Nigel Stevens (graded 13th December 2012).
JKSK Senior Instructor Stuart Fielder presented Sensei Tan his YONDAN (Black Belt 4th Dan) certificate awarded by NAKMAS National Governing Body in September this year.
Congratulations to all.
Senior members didn't miss out either. A relax and fun session followed by lovely food and drinks. A joyful night to conclude yet another fantastic year 2012!
Click HERE to view the photo album
20.10.12: JKSK Annual Championship 2012: A fantastic tournament enjoyed by all who attended. A great turn out this year especially by the senior members. Sensei Tan thanks families and friends who supported this fabulous event and particularly the judges namely Stuart Fielder, Helen Oakley and Nigel Stevens and helpers Janette Innes, Richard Smith, Justin Ng and Conor Stevens. He also praised all competitors for their spot on sportsmanship and competitiveness.
The winners for the JKSK Annual Championship 2012 are:
BLACK BELT KATA: GOLD - Conor Stevens (Jion & Heian Nidan), SILVER - Justin Ng (Sochin & Heian Godan), BRONZE -James Goddon (Meikyo & Heian Godan).
BLACK BELT KUMITE: GOLD - Justin Ng, SILVER - Conor Stevens, BRONZE - James Goddon. 
Individual Ladies Kata: GOLD - Gillian Martin, SILVER - Janette Innes.
Individual Mens Kata: GOLD - Richard Berry, SILVER - Clive Adams, BRONZE - Richard Smith.
Individual Mens Kumite: GOLD - George Allen, SILVER - Steve Borthwick, BRONZE - Clive Adams.
Family Kata: GOLD - George Goddon, James Goddon & Janette Innes, SILVER - Alex Thomas, Loz Thomas & Gillian Martin, BRONZE - Oliver Hull, Harry Hull & Graham Hull.
Individual Kata (age 7-9): GOLD - Alex Thomas, SILVER - Oliver Hull, BRONZE - Lauren King.
Individual Kata (age 10-12): GOLD - James Kolek, SILVER - Harry Hull, BRONZE - James Steer.
Individual Kata (age 13-15): GOLD - Ewan Wood, SILVER - Kiran Patel, BRONZE - Tom Letowski.
Junior Team Kata: GOLD - James Goddon, Ewan Wood & Clarissa Dakin, SILVER - James Steer, Sam Parkhill & Kiran Patel. BRONZE - Alex Thomas, Harry Hull & Ellie Warwick.
Individual Kumite (age 7-9): GOLD - Lewis De-Wilde, SILVER - Eathan Coombes, BRONZE - Lauren King.
Individual Kumite (age 10-12): GOLD - Clarissa Dakin, SILVER - Jake Farmer, BRONZE - Katrina Brennand.
Individual Kumite (age 13-15): GOLD - Tom Letowski, SILVER - Ewan Wood, BRONZE - Kiran Patel.
Click HERE to view the photo album. 
6.10.12: JKSK Autumn Grading
The Autumn Grading was held on 6th October at our Stotfold dojo, the Stotfold Memorial Hall. The grading went very smoothly. Good grading by all who graded. 4th Kyu & above particualrly showed plenty of spirit and good progress. Well done! Thank you to all grading officials.
The Most Spirited Award went to our new 1st Kyu Intermediate, James Kolek(JKSK Shefford). Well done James! 
29.09.12: Yahara Course:
On Saturday 29th of September, Sensei Tan together with his senior dan grades Helen Oakley and Nigel Stevens attended a technical seminar at the Luton Village Hall in Luton organised by the KWF (Karatenomichi World Federation). Despite carrying an arm injury, Sensei Mikio Yahara 8th Dan gave a brilliant seminar focusing on his trade mark of extreme compression and expansion of body dynamic i.e. hips, joints and rotation; with his young assistant Sensei
Otsuka Masamichi 5th Dan showing how jiyu kumite (free sparring) should be done in a more budo way compare to sports karate, by using more hips, balance and proper kime.
The afternoon session was led by Sensei Akihito Isaka 8th Dan who gone through many unorthodox ways of exercises to loosen one's hips and urging everyone to try and feel their hips. Everyone had to do their movements and techniques in slow motions even the kicks! This unique concept was completely opposite to the full blast explosion of body dynamic emphasized heavily by Yahara Sensei. However when one think it deeper they are both same diference.
Great seminar enjoyed by all who attended.
30.06.12: JKSK Summer Grading was held on 30th of June at our Stotfold dojo - the Stotfold Memorial Hall. A record number of new beginners went for their grading for the first time. The new beginners managed to hold their nerve and all passed with flying colours. Other students also done well and displayed good budo spirit and their hard work paid off. Seniors were looking particularly sharp on the day and showing very good spirit.
On Thursday 28th of June three 1st Kyu namely Ryan Parker, Alex Wright and Oliver Wright attempted their Black Belt Intermediate grading. All of them gave their best effort and made the grade. Well done!
The Most Spirited Award went to our newly graded 2nd Kyu Cameron Innes from JKSK Stotfold Club. Well done Cameron.
Photo of Cameron to follow...    
19.05.12: JKSK Spring Kicking Course:
JKSK Spring Course was held on Saturday 19th of May at our JKSK Arlesey dojo the WI hall from 10am to 12.30 noon. A fantastic course thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended the course. Most Shotokan kicks were covered from Mae Geri to Ushiro Mawashi Geri. Some members even attempted yoko tobi geri (flying side kick) which created some laughter.
Although it's fun it is hope that those who attended the course learned and received some good tips to further improve their kicking techniques.
Click HERE to view the photo album.
28.04.12: Kancho Hirokazu kanazawa:
Yet another great opportunity and honour to have trained under Kancho Kanazawa 10th Dan and his son Nobuaki Sensei 6th Dan in Windsor on Saturday 28th of April. Sensei Tan and JKSK senior dan grade Nigel Stevens were there and this would probably be the last time to train under such a wonderful, great and humble sensei. Because it was a special closed invitation course the attendance was smaller than usual and this made those who were there felt almost a personal one. At the end of the course Kancho made an emotional short speech as he said he will announce his retirement from travelling in this year's SKIF World Championship in Australia this November.
The humbleness of this great Master is second to none! Osu! 
18.03.12: Aikido session: JKSK was proud and honor to have Yoshinkan Aikido Senior Taidokan Instructor Sensei James Hall 4th Dan to come and give us an excellent session on some Aikido techniques. As Sensei Hall said it was an Aikido 'taster' session centred around nocks. Although the session only lasted two hours and only a few locking techniques were demonstrated and drilled, the quality was very high and techniques can be quite complex to us the karate-ka. We have no doubt that as a result of this excellent session all JKSK members who attended had benefited and brought that extra dimension to their karate. Sensei Tan would like to extend his gratitude to Sensei Hall for passing on a little and yet awesome knowledge to him and his students. Sensei Tan also would like to thank JKSK Senior Instructor Stuart Fielder for putting JKSK in touch with Sensei Hall. Last but not least a big appreciation to JKSK senior dan grade Nigel Stevens for being Sensei Hall's honest uke (demo assistant) - a hard but worthy responsibility.
A few drinks at a local pub after an awesome Aikido session concluded the evening beautifully. Cheers to Sensei James Hall.
Click HERE to view the photo album. More photos to come...      
17.03.12: JKSK Spring Grading was held on 17th of March at the main dojo - the Stotfold Memorial Hall. A record number of students went for their grading and others felt that they weren't quite ready to grade this time and would rather work harder and be ready for the next grading - good attitude to have. Both juniors and seniors demonstrated a very good knowledge of their required syllabus. 
On Thursday 15th of March five 1st Kyu namely Richard Berry, Dylan Chung, Katie Clark, Matthew Clark and Lewis Gibbs went for their Black Belt Intermediate grading. The grading lasted over an hour and all of them were exhausted at the end. All five gave their best effort and made the grade. Well done to them!
The Most Spirited Award went to our newly graded 2nd Kyu Intermediate James Kolek from JKSK Shefford Club. Well done James.     
28.01.12: JKSK Winter Course - Dynamic Karate:
For the first time JKSK ran their Winter Course at their Arlesey dojo which was pleasantly  spacious and light. Sensei Tan started by welcoming everybody followed by a good warm up led by senior dan grade Nigel Stevens. The content of the course was all about Body Dynamic and how one can use their body to make their karate more dynamic. Sensei Tan explained the true meaning of Focus and the importance of proper posture and breathing. The six Body Actions were each broken down in great details so everybody can understand and practice how they can make it work. The six Body Actions covered were Vibration, Rotation (Body & Hip), Shifting, Drop Force, Lift Force and Pendulum.
JKSK Senior Instructor Stuart Fielder led the later part of the course, getting everyone to do pad work by applying some of the body actions they'd been learning earlier. Great course enjoyed by all. 
A few more photos HERE.
18.12.11: JKSK Annual Award Ceremony and Christmas Party was held on Sunday 18th Dec at the Stotfold Memorial Hall. A fantastic night enjoyed by all members and parents who attended. To kick off the night, a brilliant warming up session was led by young Black Belts Justin Ng and Conor Stevens. This shortly followed by Sensei Tan and Nigel Stevens splitting up all juniors into four teams who then had to compete one another for team reaction drill. Many fun games were played with 'hunting tail' the most popular of all. The ever popular Kata - Chinte (Incredible Hands) was the Kata of the night and was enjoyed by all.
Sensei Tan
started the belt presentation with those who graded the day before, shortly followed by Student of the Year awards and Most Improved Student award. Black Belt presentations concluded the formal side of the evening. This year JKSK has produced 8 young Black Belts who truly deserved their Shodan status. The party then began with joyful laughter and delicious food and drinks served to all juniors. Thank you to parents who helped out in the kitchen and with the serving. Also thank you to our JKSK official photographer Stuart Fielder who no doubt had taken some fabulous pictures :)
The seniors session commenced with some slapping reaction drills, 'tunnel challenge' which created some laughter. Last katas of the year were Sochin and Heian Sandan. Seniors finished fairly early so everybody could enjoy some festive drinks and food together.
A fantastic evening to mark yet another successful year for JKSK!
The Most Spirited Award - James Hooper (Stotfold)
The JKSK Student of the Year 2011 - Clarissa Dakin (Arlesey), Ella Platon (Shefford) and Katie Clark (Stotfold).
The JKSK Most Improved Student 2011 - Richard Berry, 1st Kyu.
SHODAN (1st Dan Black Belt)- Justin Ng, Savannah Fielder and Sean Howson (graded June 2011), James Goddon, Ryan Lamond, Gemma Lamond and Conor Stevens (graded Dec 2011).
Congratulations to all. Merry Christmas!
Click HERE to view the photo album.
09.12.11: JKSK Christmas Dinner this year was at The Three Horse Shoes Inn at Norton, Letchworth, Herts. All JKSK senior members and partners thoroughly enjoyed the evening. It was good to see some teenage senior members joining in the fun as well. Lovely food and great evening. 
15.10.11: JKSK Annual Tournment was held at the Stotfold Memorial Hall on Saturday 15th October. Great turn up and fantastic support by both parents and JKSK members. Fabulous atmosphere and excellent display of sportsmanship by all participants. Sensei Tan praised all competitors for their impeccable etiquette particularly the really young ones age 7 and 8 for their bravery and confidence. He also thanked Stuart Fielder and Nigel Stevens who did a fantastic job as the main judges of the day. He also thanked the time keepers and scorers namely Sean Howson, Conor Stevens, Gemma Lamond and Katie Clark and others who helped out behind the scene.
The followings are the JKSK medallists:
BLACK BELT KATA: GOLD - Sean Howson (Kanku Dai & Heian Godan), SILVER - Savannah Fielder (Jitte & Tekki Shodan), BRONZE -Nigel Stevens (Chinte & Heian Godan). 
Family Kata: GOLD - Matthew Clark, Katie Clark & Gemma Lamond, SILVER - Harry Hull, Graham Hull & Savannah Fielder, BRONZE - Jamie Parker, Ryan Parker & Jake Farmer.
Individual Kata (7-9): GOLD - James Kolek, SILVER - Ella Platon, BRONZE - Jamie Parker.
Individual Kata (10-12): GOLD - Ryan Parker, SILVER - James Goddon, BRONZE - Matthew Clark.
Individual Kata (13-15): GOLD - Conor Stevens, SILVER - Richard Berry, BRONZE - George Allen.
Junior Team Kata: GOLD - Jamie Parker, Ryan Parker & Matthew Clark, SILVER - James Goddon, George Allen & Conor Stevens. BRONZE - James Kolek & Ella Platon.
Individual Mens Kata: GOLD - Richard Smith, SILVER - Graham Hull, BRONZE - Paul Warwick.
Individual Ladies Kata: GOLD - Gemma Lamond, SILVER - Katie Clark.
Individual Kumite (7-9): GOLD - Jamie Parker, SILVER - Ella Platon, BRONZE - Jake Farmer.
Individual Kumite (10-12): GOLD - Matthew Clark, SILVER - Clarissa Dakin, BRONZE - Georgia Pickett.
Individual Kumite (13-15): GOLD - Alex Ooms, SILVER - George Allen, BRONZE - Richard Berry.
Individual Mens Kumite: GOLD - Sean Howson, SILVER - Paul Warwick, BRONZE - Graham Hull.
To watch the slideshow click on Gallery - JKSK Annual Tournament 2011.
01.10.11: JKSK Autumn Grading
was held on 1st October at the Stotfold Memorial Hall. Despite the very warm weather all students who went for their grading did very well in maintaining their focus. As with previous gradings the standard was high and the good progress made by many was noticeable on the day. Well done to everyone who graded and passed.
The Most Spirited Grading award went to Jamie Parker (JKSK Stotfold); our new 3rd Kyu Intermediate. Well done Jamie!

18.07.11: JKSK Yudansha Badges
are now available for all dan grades. The special black belt badge has the infamous shotokan tiger embroidered in GOLD. This symbolises a deserved status in recognition of acquisition of higher art and spirit as karate ka; the result of a greater effort in the course of hard discipline. Each dan grade wearing this special badge will have the assumed responsibility of supporting their association JKSK, lead by good example in the dojo and observing the dojo kun to the fullest. 
02.07.11: JKSK Summer Grading was held on 2nd of July. Great number of students felt they were ready and attempted their grading. High standard was maintained and all were eager to prove that they were worth their new grades. And they were! All gave their best efforts and managed to stay focus throughout the grading. Well done!
The Most Spirited Grading award went to Matthew Clark (JKSK Stotfold). Well done Mattie.
We also have newly graded SHODAN namely Savannah Fielder (15) and Justin Ng (13). The Black Belt grading was held on 30th of June at the WI Hall in Arlesey. The two of them were well prepared; after a gruesome and virtually nonstop over an hour action, they were left shattered but they passed with flying colours. Congratulations to Savannah and Justin. Very well done!
14.05.11: JKSK Kicking Course was held on Saturday 14th of May at the Stotfold Memorial Hall. Good attendance with all juniors and seniors of all grades keened to learn and try new things. In the first hour Sensei Tan together with his assistant Stuart Fielder covered all the common kicks such as mae geri, yoko geri keage, kekomi and mawashi geri. Tips and technical details were passed on to students; who were then split into small groups and pairs to work on each kick with the aid of focus pads and striking shields.
In the second session the class was split into two groups; with dan grades Nigel Stevens and David Weston leading the lower kyu grades recapping what they covered in the first hour. The higher grades had a go at mikazuki geri (crescent kick), gyaku mikazuki geri (reverse crescent kick) and ura mawashi geri (reverse roundhouse kick).
To conclude this excellent course all students had the opportunity to have a go at yoko tobi geri (flying kick). There were some really high jumps and some very careful jumps. All landed nicely on thick cushioned mats. Everyone had fun and a good laugh doing the flying kick. All students took home with them some good tips on how to execute effective kicks. Next JKSK course will be in November.
04.05.11: Baby Felicity.
Congratulations to Sam and James Richardson on the new arrival of their baby daughter Felicity Victoria Richardson. Weighing in at 7lbs and born on Monday 2nd May. According to James, Sam showed great kime (and a kiai or two). Both mum and baby are well and are home already. We look forward to seeing them soon...

30.04.11: JKAE Spring Course.
JKA England Spring Course was held at Parkway, Guildford. An excellent opportunity to train with JKA top instructors Sensei Tanaka 8th Dan, Sensei Osaka 8th Dan, Sensei Sawada 7th Dan, Sensei Ohta 7th Dan and Sensei Inokoshi 3rd Dan. JKSK dan grade Nigel Stevens attended the course with Sensei Tan and Sensei Doras KSKC 5th Dan.

19.03.11: The JKSK Spring Grading was held at the Stotfold Memorial Hall. This was by far JKSK highest ever
number of students going for their grading and the standard was high as expected. Good focus was maintained by all and everybody was giving their best effort. Well done.
On Thursday 17th of March Conor Stevens graded for his Black Belt Intermediate and passed with flying colours. 
The Most Spirited Award went to: Lewis Gibbs (JKSK Stotfold) 
29.01.11: The JKSK Winter Course was all about giving students an insight of all the punches and strikes that
are found in shotokan karate. Punches from the very basic choku zuki to awase zuki and strikes from the basic shuto uchi to kumade uchi were all demonstrated by Sensei Tan. All students were then paired up and practiced all the different techniques.
To conlude the course Sensei Fielder gave an excellent session on developing impact and pad work. A fun and educational course enjoyed by those who attended.
Photo album HERE. 
09.01.11: New Year Party and Award Ceremony
was held on Sunday 9th January 2011. What a start to a new year. A great party enjoyed by all juniors and parents who attended. The class began with serious basic drills
team reaction drills. This year we had about 60
 juniors attended ranging from new beginners to Black Belts Intermediate. After the serious stuff many games were played and this includes push & pull, traffic lights, fish & chips and tail chase. Great fun! Kata of the night was everyone's favourite - our JKSK association kata Chinte. An hour later delicious food and drinks were served while the award ceremony commenced. Belts were presented to all who successfully graded and everyone received a well deserved round of applause from the audience. This followed by the announcement of several awards: 
The Most Spirited Award - Alex Jones (Shefford)
The JKSK Student of the Year 2010 - Sjaak Kenters (Arlesey), James Kolek (Shefford) and Lewis Gibbs (Stotfold).
The JKSK Most Improved Student 2010 - Gemma Lamond, Black Belts Intermediate.
NAKMAS Nidan certifcates were formally presented to Stuart Fielder and Helen Oakley. Both of them were successfully graded to 2nd dan back in June last year. 
Congratulations to all!
Seniors session began soon after the juniors left the dojo. Some basics were practiced shortly followed by 'slap reaction' drills. Sochin was the kata of the night and to many it was the first time they came across this kata. A strong kata and it will be one of the kata that dan grades will continue practicing this year. The next hour all senior members gathered round for a quick drink and food and a nice catch up after the long Christmas break. A very pleasant evening.
Sensei Tan would like to thank all the students for their support and special thanks to parents who helped out on
the night. Here is to another great year!
Photo album HERE.
18.12.10: JKSK Winter Grading was held on Saturday 18th December at the Stotfold Memorial Hall. Despite the horrendous weather condition everyone made it to the grading. Same as previous grading the students did well and the overall standard was high as expected. Noticeably the green belts (6th Kyu & 5th Kyu Intermediate) and the brown belts had made a tremendous progress.
This year we had seven 1st Kyu (three seniors and four juniors) who went for their Black belt Intermediate. All had an hour of warm up session with the black belts before the start of their 'close door' grading, to help them loosen up a bit. A tough grading but all of them stuck to their task well. The long months and years of hard training, determination and efforts had all paid off. After over an hour of virtually non-stop action all of them passed with flying colours. The next six months or more will again be their big day - shodan. Well done. 
The Most Spirited Award goes to: ALex Jones (Shefford).        
10.12.10: JKSK Christmas Dinner
this year was at The Fox in a beautiful village called Pirton in
Hertfordshire. All senior members and partners enjoyed the evening thoroughly. Good food and drinks and gr
eat company. The whole room was full of laughter all night. Thanks to Janette Innes for organising such a lovely evening. 
16.11.10: Ladies Self Defence course. 
Sensei Tan organised a free self defence course for the ladies of JKSK, supported by Stuart Fielder. A fun two hour session enjoyed by all who attended and all the laldies found the
course very useful.
07.11.10: Hirokazu Kanazawa sensei 10th Dan farewell course was held at the Watford Leisure Centre
organised by SKKIF Watford on Sunday 7th November. The hall was packed with over 600 students and the atmosphere was buzzing as expected. Sensei Tan, Stuart Fielder, Helen Oakley and Janette Innes attended this memorable course led by
the Shotokan Karate legend, supported by his sons Nobuaki Kanazawa 6th Dan and Daizo Kanazawa 5th Dan,
and Ohigashi sensei 6th Dan. Guest instructor S Kato sensei 8th Dan, Chief Instructor of IJKA Europe. 
All attendees practiced some kihon and interesting partner drills, followed by an excellent demonstration of SKIF Jiyu Ippon Kumite performed by Nobuaki and Daizo Kanazawa. To conclude the day the great Hirokazu Kanazawa sensei led the class with a 'classic' kata - Gankaku Sho. A meaningful and emotional course enjoyed by all.
16.10.10: JKSK Annual Tournament was held on Saturday 16th October at the Stotfold Memorial Hall. This
year's tournament was well supported by both parents and participants. The hall was packed with audience and competitors creating a great atmosphere. The sportsmanship amongst all competitors was impeccable. Sensei Tan praised everybody for that and he particularly praised 6 to 9 year olds for their bravery and confidence. A fantastic tournament thoroughly enjoyed by all junior and senior competitors, families and friends too.
Medals presentation concluded the enjoyable day. Every junior was called one by one to receive their competitor medals followed by the winners' medals. All received thunderous applause from the audience. 
Sensei Tan thanked Stuart Fielder, David Weston and Nigel Stevens who did an excellent job as the main judges of the day. He also thanked the time keepers and scorers namely Mark Waterman, Sean Howson, Gemma Ballard and Richard Smith and others who helped out behind the scene.
The followings are the JKSK medallists:
Family Kata: GOLD - Ryan Lamond, Gemma Lamond and Conor Stevens, SILVER - Alex Wright, Oliver Wright and Richard Berry.
Individual Kata (6-9): GOLD - James Kolek, SILVER - Finlay Luxford, BRONZE - Ella Platon.
Individual Kata (10-11): GOLD - James Goddon, SILVER - Matthew Clark, BRONZE - Ryan Lamond.
Individual Kata (12-15): GOLD - Savannah Fielder, SILVER - Justin Ng, BRONZE - Conor Stevens.
Junior Team Kata: GOLD - James Goddon, Gemma Lamond & Justin Ng, SILVER - Ryan Lamond, Conor Stevens & Savannah Fielder, BRONZE - Alex Ooms, Alex Jones and Richard Berry.
Individual Mens Kata: GOLD - Sean Howson, SILVER - Richard Smith, BRONZE - Mark Waterman.
Individual Ladies Kata: GOLD - Gemma Ballard, SILVER - Gemma Lamond, BRONZE - Janette Innes.
BLACK BELT KATA: GOLD - David Weston (Nijushiho & Heian Sandan), SILVER - Nigel Stevens (Chinte & Heian Godan).
Individual Kumite (6-9): GOLD - Zak Graveney, SILVER - James Wallis, BRONZE - Ella Platon.
Individual Kumite (10-11): GOLD - Finley Childs, SILVER - James Goddon, BRONZE - Ewan Wood.
Individual Kumite (12-15): GOLD - Savannah Fielder, SILVER - Alex Jones, BRONZE - Conor Stevens.
Individual Ladies Kumite: GOLD - Gemma Ballard, SILVER - Jeanette Innes, BRONZE - Gemma Lamond.
Individual Mens Kumite: GOLD - Mark Waterman, SILVER - Sean Howson, BRONZE - Richard Smith.
To watch the slideshow click on Gallery - JKSK Annual Tournament 2010.
02.10.10: JKSK Autumn Grading was held at the Stotfold Memorial Hall. A high number of students attempted
their next grade with great confidence. New beginners graded well and JKSK now has a record number of 3rd Kyu (Brown Belts). All hard work paid off and everyone had a good grading. Well done!
 The Most Spirited Award goes to: Aaron Edwards (JKSK Stotfold)  


28.08.10: JKA Summer Karate Course was held at Parkway in Guildford. Sensei Tan and Sensei F Doras 5th Dan KSKC attended the course and had the privilege to train with Sensei's Ueki 8th Dan, Kawawada 7th Dan, Imamura 7th Dan and Ohta 7th Dan.

The first hour was as expected - basics and more basics. Sensei Minoru Kawawada covered the fundamental points on hips rotation, stances and the proper use of back leg.
In the second hour the group was split into two; kyu grades and dan grades. Sensei Tomio Imamura took the dan grades and went through Kanku Dai in an orderly fashion. In the last hour all dan grades were further split into two groups, with Kawawada sensei taking the higher grades 3rd dan and above. Sochin was the chosen kata. Kawawada sensei's body dynamic when performing Sochin was amazing and he particularly stressed the importance of getting the stances spot on; after all Sochin is named after Sochin Dachi (rooted stance) or Fudo Dachi. Excellent course.    
03.07.10: JKSK Summer Grading was held at the Stotfold Memorial Hall on 3rd July. Despite a record number of students went for their grading the day went very smoothly. All students behaved very well and majority of 
the juniors managed to stay focus throughout their grading. Two very strong groups in term of skills, spirit and focus who raised the bar very high for others to follow in future grading. New beginners held their nerves and passed with flying colours. Brown belts same as previous grading, showed very good knowledge of their syllabus. JKSK now have four more junior 1st Kyu.
Sensei Tan would like to thank all dan grades and 1st kyu who helped out during the grading.
There were many juniors who could have won the Most Spirited award this time round and it just showed how much efforts the students put into their grading.
For that reason there is a joint award and the Joint MOST SPIRITED AWARD goes to:
Kiran Patel (JKSK Shefford)and Tige Burns (JKSK Arlesey).
27.06.10: Nidan Grading. On Sunday 27th June Sensei Tan took two of his students Stuart Fielder and Helen Oakley to Kenshin Shotokan Karate Dojo for their 2nd Dan grading. Both of them have been training hard leading up to the grading. Under the watchful eye of the Chief Examiner Sensei Franklyn Doras 5th Dan KSKC/NAKMAS, they gave 100% effort and determination. Their focus was second to none and after a gruesome long hour they passed with flying colours.
Congratulations to Stuart and Helen ~ NIDAN!
01.05.10: JKA Spring International Open Course was held at Parkway, Guildford from 30th April to 3rd May.
Sensei Tan took his dan grades Stuart Fielder and Nigel Stevens to attend the Saturday session; an opportunity to train with Sensei Mori 8th dan, Sensei Osaka 8th dan, Sensei Ohta 7th dan and Sensei Naka 6th dan.
In the first session Sensei Osaka took the whole group through some basics to emphasize the importance of correct form when punching and kicking. Second session the group was split into dan grades and kyu grades. Sensei Tatsuya Naka, who was the film star of the film Kuro-Obi (Black Belt) took the dan grades through Kanku Dai in much details, explaining the important of making the kata flows and how one should use their 'centre axile' when changing direction, dropping down and pushing up our body.
In the third session the group was further split into a smaller group with 1st dan and 2nd dan in one group and 3rd dan and above in another group. Sensei Naka again took the advance group covering Tekki Shodan and Sandan in details like never before! Interesting elements like the three ways of hip moves, the breathing, the straight punch, the mental state of relaxation while executing a technique were all covered and clearly explained. Sensei Naka's humble, relax and at times humorous approach to his teaching made the seminar very enjoyable. Great stuff!
24.04.10: JKSK Spring 'Kicking' Course was a big success. To kick off the course JKSK senior dan grades Stuart Fielder and Helen Oakley led the warming up, making sure everybody were fully strecthed.
The first half of the course Mae Geri, Keage, Kekomi, Mawashi Geri and Ushiro were covered with the aid of
striking shields and focus pads. Sensei Tan split everybody into four groups - junior green belts and below, junior and senior purple belts, brown belts and dan grades. Simple application of each kick was shown and dan grades gave a good demo for each kicking technique.
Second half was more of a fancy and fun stuff, covering Ura Mawashi Geri, Mikazuki Geri, Hiza Geri, Mawashi Hiza Geri, Mae Tobi Geri and even Yoko Tobi Geri to finish off a wonderful course. Everyone took turn and had a good attempt at the flying kick! All good fun. To sum it up a technical course enjoyed by all who attended.
Click HERE to view the album. 

20.03.10: JKSK Spring Grading was held at the Stotfold Memorial Hall with a record number of students
attempting their grading. The junior beginners group gave an impressive performance and passed with flying colours as did the brown belts. Overall a very good grading by everybody. Well done all.
The Most Spirited Grading award goes to Sjaak Kenters.
Group photos click HERE
30.01.10: JKSK Winter Open Course was held on Saturday 30th January at the Stotfold Memorial Hall. Sensei Fielder covered the 1st hour focusing on Heian Yondan and it's bunkai. 2nd half of the course was covered by Sensei Tan focusing on an advanced kata - Sochin. Some applications were explained and drilled. It was an informative and challenging course enjoyed by all members who attended.
20.12.09: JKSK Award Ceremony & Christmas Party was held on Sunday 20th December at the Stotfold
Memorial Hall. A fantastic and buzzing night enjoyed by all juniors, adults and parents.
Next, fun games which include 'The Listening Game', 'Push and Pull', Dodge Ball, 'Socks drill', etc. Oh what fun!
Delicious food and drinks were served while the award ceremony began. Belts were presented to all successful students who just recently graded; from 10th Kyu to Black Intermediate and all received thunderous applause
from the audience. This followed by the announcement of several awards:

The Most Spirited Award
- Ross Innes
The JKSK Student of the Year 2009 - Kyle Miller 8th Kyu (Arlesey), Richard Berry 4th Kyu Intermediate (Shefford) and James Goddon 1st Kyu Intermediate(Stotfold).
The JKSK Most Improved Student 2009 - Gemma Ballard 1st Kyu.
Congratulations to them!
Sensei Tan also presented gifts to Stuart Fielder and Ian Ballard as an appreciation for their loyalty and support throughout the year. Helen Oakley was unable to attend but a gift was presented to her earlier during the week.
The seniors' session began at around 7.30pm. Again a fun based session with partner's reaction drills, 'The Tunnel' was scary and 'Freeze Sparring' was of a different kind enjoyed by all.
Chinte was the kata for the night. More serious this time!
The class finished around 8.15pm and everyone stayed back for a bit of food and drinks till late!
It's been yet another great year! Sensei Tan would like to thank all the students for their support and special thanks to parents who helped out on the night. And thank you for the cards and chocolates. We look forward to another successful year 2010.         

18.12.09: JKSK Christmas Dinner for senior members at the Chequers in Stotfold was full of laughter! Great
company, great food and drinks and great live music... Everybody enjoyed the festive dinner. Click HERE to view the album. 
12.12.09: JKSK Winter Grading was held at the JKSK honbu, the Stotfold Memorial Hall on Saturday 12th December. As expected all students did well and all made good progress. Etiquette was very good and focus was maintained throughout the grading. Not easy task for the younger ones to focus at all times but they did well.
The Most Spirited Grading award goes to Ross Innes.
Well done!     
17.10.09: JKSK Annual Tournament was held on Saturday 17th October at the Stotfold Memorial Hall. This year we had a great number of students participated and a packed spectators too which made the whole atmosphere very buzzing! The sportsmanship and overall etiquette shown by all the competitors were second to none. Sensei Tan praised everybody for that and he particularly praised the very young ones for being so brave to step up and did their individual kata and kumite. The overall standard was high and everybody had a great day.
The medals presentation at the end of the tournament was excellent as it added a sense of camaraderie that often lacked at most tournaments in bigger venues out there. Every junior was called one by one to receive their competitor medals; all received thunderous applause from the audience. This quickly followed by the winner's medals. Overall a great success enjoyed by all competitors, families and friends! 
Sensei Tan would like to thank Stuart Fielder and Mark Ellis who were the main judges of the day. Also thank you to the time keepers and scorers namely Mark Waterman, Sean Howson and Chris Tan and others who helped out behind the scene.
The followings are the JKSK medallists:
Family Kata: GOLD - Ryan Lamond & Gemma Lamond, SILVER - Richard Berry, Nicola Berry & James Wallis, BRONZE - Janette, Cameron & Ross Innes.
Individual Kata (6-8): GOLD - James Kolek, SILVER - Ella Platon, BRONZE - James Wallis.
Individual Kata (9-10): GOLD - Ryan Lamond, SILVER - James Goddon, BRONZE - Nicola Berry.
Individual Kata (11-14): GOLD - Savannah Fielder, SILVER - Justin Ng, BRONZE - Joe Hadden.
Junior Team Kata: GOLD - Savannah Fielder, Justin Ng & Joe Hadden, SILVER - Ryan Lamond & Gemma Lamond, BRONZE - Ben Lucas, James Kolek & Ella Platon.
Individual Mens Kata: GOLD - Matt Adams, SILVER - Mark Waterman, BRONZE - John Keane.
Individual Ladies Kata: GOLD - Gemma Lamond, SILVER - Jeanette Innes, BRONZE - Amanda Webb.
BLACK BELT KATA: GOLD - Stuart Fielder (Gankaku & Heian Godan), SILVER - Chris Tan (Gankaku & Heian Yondan), BRONZE - Mark Ellis (Jitte & Heian Nidan).
Individual Kumite (6-8): GOLD - James Wallis, SILVER - Kyle Miller, BRONZE - George Goddon.
Individual Kumite (9-10): GOLD - Ryan Lamond, SILVER - James Goddon, BRONZE - Finlay Childs.
Individual Kumite (11-14): GOLD - Joe Hadden, SILVER - Savannah Fielder, BRONZE - Justin Ng.
Individual Ladies Kumite: GOLD - Antonia Keane, SILVER - Jeanette Innes, BRONZE - Gemma Lamond.
Individual Mens Kumite: GOLD - Mark Waterman, SILVER - Matt Adams, BRONZE - Steve Ramsey.
Go to Gallery - JKSK Annual Tournament 2009 for photos.              
06.10.09: JKSK Inaugural Gashuku was held from 2nd Oct to 4th Oct at the Orchards, St.
Oysth in Clacton-on-Sea. A total of eleven families made the trip to our first ever seaside training and social get-together camp. The weather was kind to us. Although Saturday was a bit cloudy and windy it didn't stop us from training by the sea! We called it 'perfection of character' when we trained in a tougher weather condition. We woke up Sunday greeted by bright sunshine and blue sky. The Gashuku is not all about karate training as all families get the opportunity to socialise together and at the same time having the freedom to do other activities. All in all a very successful Gashuku enjoyed by everybody who were there.
Sensei Tan would like to thank everybody for their support and was especially impressed with the children who hardly moaned about the cold and strong wind on Saturday. Apology they didn't get the chance to build sand castles because by the time we finished our training the sea was right up to the sea wall! A special thank you to our JKSK instructor Stuart Fielder for organising this fantastic event.
Go to Gallery - JKSK Gashuku 2009 for photos.    
19.09.09: JKSK Autumn Grading was held at the Stotfold Memorial Hall on Saturday 19/9. For
this grading JKSK have the highest number of students attempting their grading with 5 juniors and 3 seniors going for their appropriate brown belts. All students were in full spirit and they managed to stay focus during the grading; very impressive indeed especially the younger ones. Overall a very good grading by all! Well done.
The Most Spirited Grading award goes to Lewis Gibbs 4th Kyu.
21.08.09: Dave Hooper JKA course. Sensei (Dr) Dave Hooper JKA instructed this worthy 'Back to Basics' course organised by a dear friend Kath Dearden from Ippon Ken Karate Club in Steeple Claydon, Buckinghamshire. Sensei Tan took a few of his Brown and Black belt students to train with Sensei Hooper. Not only has Sensei Hooper a wealth of technical knowledge but he also has a clever way
of explaining things to the students, making the most complicated topic into something so simple and clear. This course is to ensure the students understand fully the importance of the principles of the basic movements. It is the learning of these natural basic movements which provide the foundation upon which everything else is built. The how's and whys of hips, hikite and back heel are explained to their fullest and hence lots of choku zuki (staright punch), oi zuki (stepping punch), mae geri (front kick) paying attention to the correct alignment of the hips, feeling the weight and force of the back heel. Kihon gohon kumite (basic five-step sparring) are drilled for at least half an hour so that students get to appreciate the connection of all relevant parts of the body from heel to the blocking or punching hand. Fantastic course!
Note: Sensei Hooper lives in Japan for over 30 years and trains with Osaka sensei at the JKA Honbu in Tokyo.
18.07.09: Arlesey Fun Day 2009. Some JKSK members supported the event by giving a brilliant karate display to the Arlesey community. Thank you to those who were able to make it. Go to the Gallery link page for the demo album. 
27.06.09: Summer Grading Examination.
The grading was held at the JKSK main dojo - the Stotfold Memorial Hall on Saturday 27 June. The higher grades were first to call in for their grading while other students, parents, relatives and friends sat and watched. What they witnessed was a very high standard of grading performance displayed by the purple and brown belts. This set the tone for others to follow and maintain the same focus and intensity. Overall one of the best grading performance and all students showed good progress. Congratulations all! The Most Spirited Grading award went to Ryan Lamond. Well done. Go to Gallery - Gradings album for photos.     
20.06.09: Stotfold Festival 2009. JKSK supported this year's Stotfold Festival by giving demo to the local community on Saturday 20th June. Many members were able to give their support and gave a fabulous karate display. Their discipline and skills shone on the day. A great fun day enjoyed by all. Photos taken on the day can be viewed in the Gallery link page.  
10.05.09: Kanazawa Open Course. Sensei Tan, Mark Ellis and David Weston attended Sensei Hirokazu Kanazawa 10th Dan open course organised by SKKIF Watford on Sunday 10th May from 10am to 3pm. His no.1 son Sensei Nobuaki Kanazawa 6th Dan supported the course and was in great form. Two bo kata namely Kanazawa No Bo -Dai and -Sho and their applications were demonstrated by Nobuaki Kanazawa and Seamus O'Dowd. Very impressive bo kata and it was explained that Sensei H Kanazawa created these kata more than 30 years ago. It was only in the recent years that the kata's have been shown and taught to the public.
Some basics were shown and drilled and SKIF sets of jiyu ippon kumite were the order of the day. Basai Dai, Basai Sho and Sochin were the three main kata of this course. Sensei kept reminding everybody the importance of proper breathing, hara
and hips... A very enjoyable course and an honour to train with Kanazawa sensei who is such a humble karate legend.
25.04.09: JKSK Spring Kata Course was held on Saturday 25th April at the Stotfold Memorial Hall. Members from 10th kyu to dan grades who attended the course had the opportunity to learn new kata's in details. Heian Godan and Meikyo and some applications were the core of the course. A very useful course for members who strived to better their kata performance.
21.03.09: JKSK Spring Grading Examinations was held on Sat 21st March at the JKSK honbu dojo - the Stotfold Memorial Hall. We are very proud to announce that all students displayed a high standard of skills and syllabus knowledge. All passed with flying colours. A special mention to the Junior brown belts group namely Joe Hadden, Justin Ng, Savannah Fielder and James Goddon who raised the grading standard to its highest thus far. At the same time the adult new beginners had also raised a new bench mark of good standard for other perspective beginners to follow. The Most Spirited Grading award went to Ross Innes. Well done ALL!
03.09: Masao Kagawa Course / Technical Seminar was held in Nottingham hosted by JKS GB from 13th to 15th of March. Sensei Tan and Stuart Fielder attended the Saturday's session. Needless to say the course was full of technical information and Sensei Kagawa 8th Dan was in splendid form. Some basic kicks and punches were covered and all Heian kata and Jion ran through with common errors pointed out by Sensei Kagawa and as always, followed by his excellent explanation to the application and great demonstration of the correct use of body dynamics. All body dynamics were covered with great emphasis on all snaps like shoulder snaps, hip snaps, the squeezing effect on stances, relaxation and kime, being 'centre' all the time, and the necessity of creating the correct image when doing our techniques. Sensei Kagawa's relax and at times humorous manner made the seminar a very enjoyable one. All 6 hours of training with such a great technician was not only inspirational but a privilege.
25.02.09: JKSK NEW CLUB will be opened in Arlesey on the 2nd April. The venue will be the WI (Women's Institute) Hall, High Street in Arlesey. This will be a mixed class giving adults, parents and children the opportunity to train together every Thursday 6-7pm. The JKSK Brown and Black Belts class will be moved to this very same venue as well, time 7.15-8.15pm.
20.02.09: The Bowling night for the JKSK senior members and partners 'rolled' off just after 7.30pm at the Hollywood Bowl at Stevenage Leisure Park. Great fun and lots of laughter! One thing most of us agreed on the night was that our bowling skill is not as good as our gyaku zuki ;-).  After the bowling everyone proceeded to the Aroma - Chinese buffet restaurant across the road for a feast or two. Great food, excellent company and to sum it all up, a very enjoyable evening!    
24.01.09: The JKSK Winter Course was held on Saturday 24th of January at the Stotfold Memorial Hall. In support of NAKMAS Safe Kids Campaign, the theme for this course was Anti-Bullying and Self Protection. The group was split into two so that Sensei Tan can concentrate on the children to ensure the message on anti-bullying was effectively delivered. His assistant Sensei Fielder provided a fantastic self protection session to the adults.
An educational course enjoyed and learned by those who attended. Click on Gallery to watch some photo clips taken during the course.

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