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Dojo Etiquette   エチケット
 Respect your Sensei, Respect your dojo and Respect each other.
Bow as you enter and leave the dojo.
Bow when you see and / or speak to your Sensei.
Late arrival: sit at the entrance in seiza (formal kneeling position) and wait for your Sensei's permission to join the class.
When ask to sit down you must sit on the floor with your legs crossed or in formal kneeling position.
Don't be late! Aim to arrive ten minutes early to register, stretch and loosen up
Always show courtesy to all.  
Health & Safety 
We do not practice full contact. Students must be aware of what an appropriate distance is, according to their grade. Speak to your Sensei if unsure.
No jewellery to be worn and rings and earrings which cannot be removed must be taped over. No exceptions.
Finger nails and toe nails are to be kept short.
 The Sensei must be made aware if a student feels unwell or is injured.
Gi's should be clean and pressed for each training session
Dojo Kun   宣誓
Dojo means hall or training place. Kun means oath.
Dojo Kun literally means the oath of the hall. It is an oath of five principles that all traditional shotokan karate-ka must learn, understand and adhere to.
Why do we say it? We say it because living without such principles as these, a true karate-ka will not realise the true benefits of martial arts training, which include becoming a better person.

 hitotsu, jinkaku kansei ni tsutomuru koto
 One, to Strive for Perfection of  Character (Character)
 hitotsu, makoto no michi wo mamoru koto
 One, to Defend the Path of Truth  (Loyalty)
 hitotsu, doryōku no seishin wo yashinau koto

 One, to Foster the Spirit of Effort (Effort)
 hitotsu, reigi wo omonzuru koto

 One, to Honour the Principles of Etiquette (Etiquette)
 hitotsu, kekki no yū wo imashimuru koto
 One, to Guard against Impetuous Courage (Control)


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