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The Belt System
A belt system is used to show the progress of each student and to motivate the students to develop their skills further.
Same as any progressive exam system, the higher the grade the tougher the exam. However by progressing through dedication, determination, hard training and focus, the students should be ready for such challenge when the time comes. Students are encouraged but will never be forced to go for their grading. They will have to show their confidence, ability and commitment by attending sufficient numbers of lessons.
For JKSK the top kata for each Kyu is:
10th Kyu > Taikyoku Shodan (first half)
9th Kyu > Taikyoku Shodan (full kata)
8th Kyu > Heian Shodan
7th Kyu Intermediate and 7th Kyu > Heian Nidan
6th Kyu Intermediate and 6th Kyu > Heian Sandan
5th Kyu Intermediate and 5th Kyu > Heian Yondan
4th Kyu Intermediate and 4th Kyu > Heian Godan
3rd Kyu Intermediate and 3rd Kyu > Tekki Shodan
2nd Kyu Intermediate and 2nd Kyu > Bassai Dai
1st Kyu Intermediate and 1st Kyu > Kanku Dai
Black Intermediate and Shodan > Enpi / Jion /  Jitte
After many years of dedication, commitment and hard work, passing your Black Belt 1st Dan is a very special day.
In term of belt it is the last belt that you'll ever need to buy. This will be the only belt you'll always wear for the rest of your karate journey.
Traditionally and by trend and popularity, newly graded Shodan normally treat themselves a silk/satin black belt as a well deserved reward. Silk/satin belt has the advantage of softer feel and a strong link to the Orient.
Most dan grades have their belts embroidered in Kanji (Shotokan Karate-do) on one side and their name in Katakana on the other side. We the JKSK prefer the embroidery colour in yellow gold or silver.
Cost of a silk/satin belt ranging from £20 to £80 including your required embroidery. Advice is to save up your money and buy a decent one since you will always wear that same belt for decades to come! You get exactly what you paid for. If in doubt it's better to ask your Sensei for advice. Popular decent brands are Shureido, Tokaido, Hirota and Kamae (UK).
Grade and Belt order
Junior (Under age 16)
► 10th Kyu Blue 
► 9th Kyu Red 
8th Kyu Orange 
     7th Kyu Intermediate  Orange with Yellow Stripe  
7th Kyu Yellow
     6th Kyu Intermediate  Yellow with Green Stripe 
► 6th Kyu Green 
     5th Kyu Intermediate  Green with Purple Stripe 
► 5th Kyu Purple
     4th Kyu Intermediate  Purple with One White Stripe
► 4th Kyu Purple with Two White Stripes
    3rd Kyu Intermediate  Purple with Brown Stripe
3rd Kyu Brown 
     2nd Kyu Intermediate Brown with One White Stripe
► 2nd Kyu Brown with Two White Stripes
     1st Kyu Intermediate Brown with One Red Stripe 
► 1st Kyu Brown with Two Red Stripes 
     Black Intermediate Brown with Black Stripe 
SHODAN 1st Dan   BLACK  
Senior (Age 16+)
► 10th Kyu  Blue 
►  9th Kyu  Red 
►  8th Kyu  Orange 
►  7th Kyu  Yellow 
►  6th Kyu  Green 
►  5th Kyu  Purple 
►  4th Kyu  Purple with Two White Stripes
►  3rd Kyu  Brown 
    ►  2nd Kyu Intermediate  Brown with One White Stripe
►  2nd Kyu  Brown with Two White Stripes
     1st Kyu Intermediate  Brown with One Red Stripe 
►  1st Kyu  Brown with Two Red Stripes 
      Black Intermediate  Brown with Black Stripe 
►  SHODAN 1st Dan   BLACK  
  • All Brown Belts 3rd Kyu & above must train regularly at the Brown & Black Belt class if they wish to grade.
  • All students have to be a 1st kyu for a minimum of six months before they can be considered for Black Intermediate. Same applies to Black Intermediate i.e. all students have to be a Black Intermediate for a minimum of six months before they can be considered for Black Belt 1st Dan.
  • When attempting Black Intermediate and Black Belt, students must obtain permission from their Chief Instructor prior to submitting their grading application forms.
JKSK members should ask their sensei for their relevant syllabus
 if they wish to have a hard copy.
As of April 2010 the JKSK Juniors' age is 7 - 15.
Senior members are age 16+ 

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