Workshop - Extending Attributes

At the request of several attendees, we will be running a workshop during the evening exhibition slot at #FAM10 so if you would like to take part grab a drink from the reception and come and join us in the Residents Lounge. 

The workshop will be minuted, you may be asked to contribute to an ongoing working group on this issue and the intention is to achieve a solution within the workshop so please come willing to contribute! 


Many publishers and providers of resources to libraries have asked for a standard attribute for use with UK institutions for librarians to permit certain administrative activities and tailored information. 


  • To create standard attribute values to identify librarians and jisc collections representatives within institutions.
  • To create best practise guidelines for institutions wishing to implement these standard attributes, including provisioning and deprovisioning.
  • To identify and create a home for defining these attributes.
  • To achieve take-up of the attributes within he community.
This will be used as a template for other 'generic' attributes to be used within the UK.