Main Session Details

Roland Rosner, Welcome

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David Harrison, the Institutional Perspective

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Rhys Smith, JANET Development Plans

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Peter Thewlis, Shibboleth in a Sharepoint Environment

Nicole Harris, eduYou

There is something different about the educational or 'edu' space when it comes to identity and access management, and the difference is our users and their unique relationship to the institutions that teach them.  Nicole will talk about recent activity to look at the educational user by many different international organisations.  As it is 9.30 on day two of the conference, Nicole also hopes to help delegates wake-up by giving some insights into identity management from the eyes of a 5 year old....

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Andy Powell, What Current Trends Tell Us about the Future of Federated Access Management

Andy will take a general look at the key trends in identity management, and you can be sure that the ideas will be accurate as they have been crowdsourced from you!  Andy describes the plans for his talk in detail on his blog - take part and influence the direction of the discussions at FAM10.

Chad La Joie, Shibboleth and Futures

It's been 11 years since Shibboleth started, 8 years since SAML 1, 5 years since Dick Hardt vocalized some of the ideas behind the Identity 2.0 movement, and less than one year since OAuth 1.  Today, the world is littered with protocols and swamped with differing views, driven by differing incentives, of how inter-domain interactions should occur.

This talk will look at our current FAM systems and how they align or diverge from the various models and ideals out in the wild today.  It will discuss new work meant to improve our system's usability, security, and reach and bring up old issues that have never been resolved and rarely discussed.  And throughout the talk will be pointers to what is currently broken with these models and thoughts on where to best focus our time in order to really improve the utility of infrastructure.

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