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The following organisations will be exhibiting at FAM10:
Adam Matthew Digital works with leading libraries and archives around the world to produce creative and powerful research and teaching resources. The collections provided by Adam Matthew Digital make available manuscripts and rare printed sources that are for both scholarly research and and undergraduate use. Eduserv is a not-for-profit organisation providing technology services for education and the public sector. Services offered by Eduserv include access and identity management, license negotiation, web development and web hosting. 
Sirius Corporation plc helps enterprises benefit from Open Source software.  Sirius works closely with schools, colleges, public bodies and enterprises to understand how they can use Free and Open Source technologies to become more efficient and successful. Just2Easy are providers of Web 2.0 tools for education, including collaboration tools, web word processing, drawing, web design and forms tools.  
Digitorial is an online resource for digital news capture.  The digitorial system is able to take pages from traditional print production systems and create a full archive database for internet or intranet. 
Charanga specialises in educational IT and digital content development and licensing.  Charanga focuses on musical systems to encourage the use ICT in music teaching and learning.