Presentations - Parallel Sessions 3


Group Management: download the presentation.

Identity management tools to support access control: Cal and Richie will provide a practical real world example the value of using the’s Grouper to structure rich attributes (e.g. user to modules mapping) for access control. They will also talk about how to get identity data where it needs to be to support access control by using a combination of the open source toolkit Talend and a institutional data flow support service. “

AIM Call: download the presentation.

Access and Identity Management is a key component of many initiatives across JISC and as such the Innovation Group works closely with the Services and Collections Teams. This work involves both the support and expansion of the UK Access Management Federation as well as looking at how new developments can both improve on this service and how innovation might help increase the uptake of access to resources and information within the community.  Previous programmes in AIM have focused primarily on the technologies used to provide good access and identity management, with a gradual shift towards exploring the issues around policy and process. The AIM programme now aims to focus on process, policy and technology, exploring innovative new areas in all three and forming a natural complement to work being completed under the Services banner on the UK federation.  Between 1 January 2009 and 31 March 2011, JISC intends to fund projects and activities that help to achieve these aims of the programme. This session will describe the programme in more detail, the 08/09 grant funding call and possible future calls. Any future call will be driven by feedback from the community, so this session will provide the opportunity to contribute and discuss the issues that should be addressed by this call.

Extending Access: download Liam's presentation and Helen's presentation

This presentation will question whether the issue of extending access to additional user groups is primarily an access management issue or a licensing and communication issue. JISC Collections has undertaken a wide variety of work in this area at both the national and institutional level and the message that comes back that whilst access management can help with the implementation of extended access, institutions will first need to deal with the communication and licensing issues surrounding the electronic resources they manage.