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23 and 24 November 2009                                                             ' the tag for this event is #FAM09 '


Park Plaza, Cardiff

Map of  Park Plaza, Cardiff


The UK Access Management Federation has been in operation for nearly three years, and a large majority of UK Higher and Further Education institutions are now using federated access via tools such as Shibboleth and Open Athens to access publisher resources. The JISC Access Management team has been working with a wide variety of organisations to explore the next steps in making the most of this technology, and this event will introduce attendees to some of the key topics in this area.

The importance of SAML as an international standard has been stressed by the UK federation since its inception, and as such the event will have strong international representation. Speakers will be discussing the roadmap for Shibboleth, the importance of dynamic metadata, and other upcoming developments in federated access.

The integration of user-managed access management with institutionally affiliated accounts is an important topic as more users enter education with an existing online presence, and more institutions question their role in provisioning identities for students. Representatives from organisations such as OpenID will be discussing their views on access management.

As federated access is integrated more widely within institutions the importance of group management is being tackled. This allows better granularity for publisher access and helps with group management for access to wikis, blogs and other collaborative software.

Finally, extending access to solve library focused issues will be considered. The event will be asking if federated access can help resolve the walk-in user issue, looking at additional authorised user groups, and considering the importance of consent management.