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60 Seconds with: Ian Young

posted 16 Nov 2009, 09:35 by Access Management   [ updated 17 Nov 2009, 06:41 ]


Tell me a little bit about yourself....

Another grumpy old Scottish techie.  Camera-shy photographer

What will you bring to #FAM09?

I used to answer "enough gadgetry for three ordinary people".  These days, perhaps only two

Do you have any answers to any of the 'big questions' and would you like to pose any questions?

In a perfect world... identity technologies would be nearly invisible.

The question would be: how do we get there from here?

What would you like the delegates to be thinking about?

What do we do today that's essential, and what will we look back on as incidental?

What should we order you from the bar?

A pint of Guinness would be lovely.  And a packet of salt and vinegar crisps if you can manage it...