Machine for PCB

  鑽孔 drilling

成型 milling / Routing

內層中心定位熔合 inner layer centering and welding

x-ray量測定位 x-ray inspection for alignment

主軸測試 Spindle Tester

飛針電測 Flying probe

Metal working

深孔加工 gun drilling

transfer for manufacturing connecting  rods

切割/裁剪 cut

毛邊 burr

磨光 grinding


切割 cutting

點焊 welding

cut with planar tracking

管類切割/雕刻 tube cutting and engraving

Machines for eyewear

milling auctions

milling front seats and hinges(鉸鏈)

inserting hinges

隐形眼镜車工 lathes for contact lenses

processing via e-cam lenses

Special machines

大理石切割 cutting marble

布料切割 cutting fabric

安全駕駛模擬器 dynamic driving simulator

自動倉儲 automatic warehouses

plotter for engraving on metals

引擎罩點焊 spot welders for car bonnets

主軸測試 test systems spindles

線材測試 cable test systems

上/下料自動化 loading / unloading

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