Welcome to the Functional Nanomaterials and Interfaces Lab.

We are headed by Ph.D Jin Young Kim.     
We research Electrochemistry based energy application with nanomaterials. 
: Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells, Water Electrolyzer, Electrocatalysis


News & Info. 

(2020/07) Group alumnus, Kyung Ah Lee joins Seoul National University(SNU) as a doctoral graduate student.

(2020/07) Ro Bin Jang joins the group.

(2020/05) Jae Young Cho joins the group.

(2020/05) Jun Kim joins the group.

(2020/03) Group alumnus, Dr. Han Dong Cho joins Mokpo National University(MNU) as a Assisant Professor.

(2020/03) Group alumnus, Dr. Joo Hyung Kim joins Gyungsang National University(GNU) as a Assisant Professor.

(2019/12) Group alumnus, Dr. Jong Min Kim joins Korea Institute of Science and Technology(KIST) as a Senior Researcher.

(2019/10) Group alumnus, Yeo Jin Lee joins KIMS as a postdoctoral research fellow.

(2019/07) Seok Jun Kim won the Best Poster Award at 2019 Nano Korea Symposium.

(2019/07) Group alumnus, Sun hee Cho joins Hyundai motors group as a research staff.

(2019/03) Seok Jun Kim and Armanc karakoyun join the group.

(2019/02) Group alumnus, Inhyuk Lee joins Doosan Electronics as a research staff.

(2018/12) Group alumnus, Chang Kyu Hwang joins LG Display as a research staff.

(2018/12) Dr. Jin Young Kim won the Minister’s award for 2018 National R&D Excellence from the Ministry of Science, ICT & Future Planning.   

(2018/12) Ki Ro and Kyung Ah's Advanced Functional Materials paper highlighted in the media.

(2018/12) Group alumnus, Dr. Ki Ro Yoon joins Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH) as a Senior Researcher.

(2018/11) Dr. Ki Ro Yoon and Yeo Jin Lee awarded the Best Poster Papers (Gold and Silver Awards, respectively) at 2018 ENGE conference.

(2018/10) Our group awarded 2018 National Top 100 R&D performance. 

(2018/08) Dr. Ki Ro Yoon was awarded the Best Poster Presentation at 2018 Fuel Cell Symposium.

(2018/07) Group alumnus, Ayoung Byun joins LG Chemical as a research staff.

(2018/04) Yeo Jin Lee joins the group.

(2018/03) Jong Min Kim and Ki Ro Yoon join the group.

(2018/01) Dr. Jin Young Kim received KIST’s Person of the Month Award in recognition of his outstanding research. 

(2017/11) We have had technology transfer contract with GUARDNEC (Co.) about reinforced composite membrane for PEMFCs.

(2017/11) Chang Kyu Hwang joins the group.

(2017/11) Group alumnus, Chang Hyun Sung joins SK Hynix as a research staff.

(2017/11) Group alumnus, Dr. Min Jung Park joins Hyundai Motor Company as a research staff.

(2017/03) Group alumnus, Yeon Hun Jeong joins Korea Evaluation Institute of Industrial Technology (KEIT) as a project manager.