Jinyan Guo

Doctoral candidate 

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden / Claremont Graduate University

1500 N. College Avenue

Claremont, CA 91711


Research Interests:

Systematics, Plant morphology and anatomy, Evo-devo, Paleobotany.

Dissertation Research:

The origin of the flower is considered one of the most important innovations resulting in the diversity of plant forms present on earth today. The flower components of a typical are flattened and two-dimensional. However, in crested Iris species, the flower components have perpendicular growth giving rise to a three-dimensional, elaborately colored, and fringed flower. My research focuses on the development of this novel, yet morphologically diverse floral character which was studied in an phylogenetic context. The study of spatial and temporal factors within the floral bud will examine how novel structures evolve in relation to other floral organs through integrative evolution.