The world need your help


I am an inventor from LAN KAO county HE NAN province mainland of CHINA , my name is Zhang Jin Shi . My invention is an instrument of self-rescue in storied-building fire and I really need your help to put it into effect . Following is the briefing about my invention .


As we know ,about 25000 people were killed in building fire in the world every year .Though firefighters are working so hard ,death is still going on in building fire . Why are there always so many dead? Because ,so far there are not any professional self-rescue instruments provided for the people . So when people are trapped in building fire ,the only thing that they can do is just waiting for the firefighters` rescue . however ,sometimes death always comes before rescue .If there is a professional instrument that can help people to escape from the building fire successfully and safely as soon as possible by themselves , the death in building fire must be reduced greatly . My invention is just a solution to this problem .


This Chinese patent on self-rescue instrument is a new device,it`s just like a man-made spider`s silk-bag and it can save our lives when we are in a storied-building fire. Sometimes and for some reason, fire-fighters can`t be there in time when we are in fire, so before their arriving we must try our best to escape from the burning buildings by ourselves. The instruments on this new device just can help us to get out of the building-fire as soon as possible on thus a dangerous moment.


What is useful tech ? generally speaking , it is simple and it really works . I am a Chinese , but my invention belongs to the world and I am sure it must be worth taking a look .-----it relates to live or death in building fire after all .


It`s not only a good charity item for you, but also a business item and your investment in it  can save more than 20000 people`s lives in the world every year .  I need your help , so do the world !It is not a puzzle for any professionals to judge my invention , but above all ,prejudice against Chinese patents should be quitted . An old saying tells : all rubbish is rubbish , but rubbish is not all .


Give me a little help,you maybe save you and your families .Building-fire always comes unexpectedly.


Finally ,God bless you and your family.

A Chinese inventor : Zhang Jin Shi

PATENT NAME    self-rescue instrument in storied-building fires

PATENT NUMBER   CN ZL 200520031027.3

TEL:    +86-0378-6920375