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patent   name  : self-rescue instrument in storied-building fire

patent number : CN  ZL 200520031027.3


What it for


According to the present fire-safety suggestions , once the people are trapped in storied-building fires , first they must try to keep themselves safe , then wait for firefighters` rescue . However , lots of facts tell us that sometimes death always comes before rescue , that`s why there were always so many dead in storied-building fire . So how to help the people trapped to escape from the burning building as soon as possible and rescue themselves successfully without waiting , it is the best way to reduce the dead in storied-building fires and it is just the only aim of my invention as well .


How it made   


1                  steel-rope

2                  hook

3                  axle

3-1     brake-drum

4                  main-frame

4-1   axle-holders

4-2   axletree-for-brakes

4-3   axletree-for-wheel

5     rope-case

6     screw nut

7     brakes

8     spring

9     long-shape-wheel

9-1  wheel-base

10    control-handle

11    assistant-handle

12    rope-leader

13    cricle-for-belt

14    balance-handle 



According to the figs above , the axle(3) goes through the two axle-holders(4-1)of the main-frame(4) and goes through the rope-case(5) which is between the two axle-holders(4-1) , then it is fixed by the screw nut(6) and the axle(3) can turn around freely in the two axle-holders(4-1) . The rope-case(5) is fixed firmly together with the axle(3) . On the one end of the axle(3) is a brake-drum(3-1) and there are two brakes(7) around it . The brakes(7) are hinged with the main-frame(4) by two axletree-for-brake(4-2) , and other ends of the brakes(7) is fastened by the spring(8) which offers the force for braking . Between the two brakes(7) , there is a long-shape-wheel(9) which hinged with the main-frame(4) by the axletree-for-wheel(4-3) . The long-shape-wheel(9) can set the brake-drum(3-1) free suitably from the brakes(7) by its` turning . The long-shape-wheel(9) is based on the wheel-base(9-1) and the control-handle(10) is setted on the wheel-base(9-1) and there is an assistant handle(11) setted for cooperating with the control-handle(10) . The control-handle(10) is folding , and the assistant handle (11) can be stretched out and  drawn back .The cricle-for-belt(13) is hinged with the main-frame(4) , the rope-leader(12) is hinged with the main-frame(4) . One end of the steel-rope(1) is the hook(2) , then another end of the steel-rope(1) goes through a rope-leader-hole of the rope-leader(12) , then the steel-rope(1) will be fixed with the rope-case(5) and twines about the rope-csae(5) . The balance-handle(14) is hinged with the main-frame(4) and the balance-handle(14) is folding .


How and when to use


Once people are trapped in the storied-building fire , the instruments can be used at once .

一、     Fasten your easy-safebelt quickly .

二、     Take out the self-rescue instruments and get your safebelt linked with the instruments correctly and firmly .

三、     Take the instruments up by its` rope-leader(12) and look for an outlet(such as windows) for escape , try to avoid smoke and fire in your down-way .

四、     Put the hook(2) onto a setted-cricle on the wall or fix it to other stuff that can bears your weight .

五、     Open the balance-handle(14) and the control-handle(10) , pull out the assistant-handle(11) , then one hand grasps the balance-handle(14) , another hand grasps the control-handle(10) and the assistant-handle(11) .

六、     Get yourself out of the building and start your self-rescue .

七、     The instruments does not work without a control force and the control force is about 5N~25N,according to your different strength of control  force, you can get different speed of going-down . the force is bigger ,the speed is higher , as soon as the control force is gone , the instruments will brake itself automatically at once even if you have a weight of 150kg. In this way , accidents can be avoided in the special panic of escape .

八、     Get your safebelt separated from the instruments as soon as you reach the ground and leave away quickly . 


Major  design  parameters


Design specification   : two basic types and some other types    

Package   size (cm )   :15 x 10 x 10~20 x 13 x 15

Steel          rope  6 x 7 + 1WS     Φ3mm

Minimum-broken force F = 7 KN

Self-rescue distance(longth of the rope)  19m ~ 100m

Permission for using one set just for  one adult or  one adult and a baby(child)



If the figs above are not clear , please click the link below , you can get the clear drawings in the Chinese patent government website .楼房火灾自救器&ipc=A62B1/06(2006.01)I#     



1、  It`s safe, easy to use and quick escape.

2、  It`s low-cost , low-weight , little size and easy-made.

3、  It`s self-brake and controllable through all escape . No accidents .

4、  It`s applicable in all complex building fires , it`s easy for storage and maintenanceless all life .

5、  One man can operate this device independently without any help of others .

6、  People won`t obstruct each other when they are escaping at the same time . In other word , when you are escaping , you won`t obstruct any others and you won`t be obstructed by any others either .

7、  Fire escape should disperse so that all the people trapped can get out of the burning buildings at the same time . Fire rescue should concentrate so that the firefighters can save as many as possible at one time . As fire escape devices , one device for one man .