An open letter to fire-officers of the world


 An open letter to fire-officers of the world


No offence , but do you really care about your men ---- firefighters ? and what can you do to give your men more protection in their firefighting work ?


Yes , all kind of protective suits and instruments have been provided , but do you think it is enough care for your men ? and have you ever thought that you could give your men more care in another way ?


Generally speaking , all the danger to firefighters comes from the scenes of fire . For a storied-building fire , the more people trapped in the fire , the more risks firefighters would take , as we know , most of the firefighters who died on posts all died of this case .


In other words , we can say that the less people trapped in building fire , the less risks your men would take . If there are professional instruments that can help most people trapped to escape from fire timely and successfully ,and your men only need to rescue the old and the weak those who can`t carry out selfrescue , don`t you think it will be a good news for you and your men ?


Neither my patent is a protective suits nor a protective instruments for firefighters , but it `s obviously to see that my patent would give your men more care in another way . Would it be worth your a little attention ? anyway , I don`t believe that you will say : that is none of my business !


God bless you and your men !

A Chinese inventor : Zhang Jin Shi




A swim guidebook or a lifebuoy ?


Here is a simple question , if you fall into water uncarefully ,then what`s the most important thing you need ? a swim guidebook or a lifebuoy ? I think most people will give the same answer : A lifebuoy of course ! Why do the most people give the same answer ? Because there is a big difference between self-rescue on skill and self-rescue on instruments .


When we were children in school , we had been told that we should take actions of self-rescue in accidents , and we were required to do practice in it . However there are not professional self-rescuer in lives , when we are out of practice , skill of self-rescue is gone as well . But self-rescue on instruments is another thing , the instruments are always just there ,whenever you need them , they will service you at once . It`s timely , simple and reliable , and you needn`t do any professional practice in using them either . Common sense is OK !


So the most people give the same answer to this simple question .