words of the worlds

I believed in every single one of your words
Which is why I painted all of my worlds white
Behind the letters, black pillars hiding
Silently waiting for the right time, the right word
To slash and open, the way, to the heavens
Paving the way to even more words
Lies, and truths, lying, all broken

Every single one of your stars are black
Blinking dully in the twilight
The moon, pale, and serene, hides
Tries to conceal the worlds, to the stars
To the white pillars of light and shadow
But the words, blood-thirsty and ravenous
Feasting on the worlds, on the truths and lies

The sentence is clear and sorrowful
Like dust of sentences long past and gone
The words are slowly dying, surreptitiously
All, because of that white, and that black
Those god-forsaken pillars of dust and dull
Making the words forget the worlds
Making the slow moonless night silently die
Dyeing its stars in green and blue
Slowly forget the warm touch of the light
Slowly fading, in a spiral of moon and sun.