Welcome to ESS

Parents and Children are happy that Jinju Church has created English Sunday School.

It is a place where all children can learn more about God and Jesus in another language.

We meet at 9am in Jinju Church Vision Center, 3rd floor.

***This video below is a clip introducing the 2014 ESS.***

2014 ESS Introduction

***This video below is the 2013 ESS Summer Camp we had on Aug. 24, 2013.***

Hope you enjoy it!


Performing actions with a song.

 On these pages you will find the text 
  and audio all of our past talks.

  There are audio files to practise listening.

There are Bible memory verses to learn.

The children and teachers are happy 
at Sunday School.

                  English Sunday School is for  
            children from 5 up to 12 years old.


You can see photographs of the 
children at play and work.

There are keyword pages to learn vocabulary.

                 Please send your children to  
          English Sunday School  so that they can 
       learn more about God, Jesus and the Bible.

                We're all here one in Christ.
Learning to live as one.
                   Why don't you join us? 
      Joy, Hope, and Love awaiting for you~!!!

ESS Children sing very nicely