Jinjifore's Knitting Gallery

These are pages devoted to a sampling of my various knitting projects. I've been knitting for more than twenty years now, and in recent years have rarely been seen without some project in hand. This is my way of sharing a bit of my knitting life with knitters and non-knitters alike. All the pictures are accompanied by a bit of commentary, along with pattern, yarn, and needle information. Onward!

Page 1--Early projects and learning experiences

Page 2--More early projects

Page 3--Boo, the early years (some projects from 2003-2005)

Page 4--The Fish Blanket

Page 5--Winter 2005-2006

Page 6--Holidays 2005

Page 7--Wee Socks and Wee Hats

You can also find pictures and notes on my more current projects on my Flickr page:

Jinjifore's Photos on Flickr