Jingyi Jessica Li, Ph.D. 

Assistant Professor
Department of Statistics (primary appointment)
Department of Human Genetics (secondary appointment)
Interdepartmental Ph.D. Program in Bioinformatics
Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center (JCCC) Gene Regulation 
University of California, Los Angeles

Mailing Address:  8125 Math Sciences Bldg., Los Angeles, CA 90095-1554
Office:                  8951 Math Sciences Bldg.
Phone:                 (310)206-8375
jli [at] stat.ucla.edu

Research Interests

My research is at the interface between statistics and biology. My primary research interest lies in developing new statistical methods for understanding biological questions, especially those related to large-scale genomic and transcriptomic data.  

My research activities have been focusing on identifying, formulating, and resolving important, yet not previously addressed statistical questions arising from the frontiers of biology. The specific topics I have examined include:
  • Bioinformatics:
    • Modeling next-generation RNA sequencing data for identifying and quantifying full-length mRNA transcripts
    • Identification of gene-gene and protein-DNA relationships using diverse genomic data
    • Comparison of developmental time courses of different species using transcriptomic data.
  • Statistics:
    • Measure of dependence
    • Hierarchical modeling for integrating multiple replicate samples
    • Regularized regression