Assistant Professor in Accounting

Hong Kong Polytechnic Univeristy


Office: (852) 2766-7970

Education: PhD, Emory University

Research Interests:

  • Financial disclosure
  • Information intermediaries

Teaching Interests:

  • Financial and managerial accounting
  • Data analytics in accounting and finance

*** Citizenship: China, US Permanent Resident

I am interested in how investors use information from various sources to make investment decisions. These information sources include mandatory disclosure, voluntary disclosure, information intermediaries (e.g., analysts and news media), and social media (e.g., Twitter and YouTube).

Using theories from both economic and psychology literature, I examine how investors use information from different sources to evaluate stocks. I also examine the relationships among different information channels and test which information channel has the most impact on investors’ valuation.

Additionally, I am interested in the effects of information environment in the global capital market, especially the Chinese capital market.