About Me


  Jingjia Xu
      ----- PhD student in Computer Science
      Address: College of Computing and Information Sciences
                      Rochester Institute of Technology
                      Bldg.74, 102 Lomb Memorial Drive,
                      Rochester, NY 14623
      Email:    jingjiaxu.rit at gmail.com

     Research Interest: 
       Medical Image Analysis, Computer Vision, Imaging and Signal Processing, Machine Learning
    1. The report about my research on the RIT News: 
       “ Getting to the 'heart' of the matter--student uses series of complex equations to pinpoint  the exact location of a heart attack" .

    2. The report about attending  the international conference : 2012 Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention (MICCAI)

    3. I was selected as one of the three finalist of GREAT AWARD of digital Rochester in Student Achievement Award.