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Introduction to Electronic Health Record: Pros and Cons

Course Name: IST 602: Supervised Experience in College Teaching

Students Semester Standing: graduate students  

Class Duration: 60 minutes

Class Context

This class was designed as the final project for this course. There were two options for this final project: construct a concept of learning, or prepare a class that matches the concept of learning. I chose the second option.

Class Objectives

The goal of this class was to teach the students pros and cons of Electronic Health Records (EHR) versus Paper Health Records (PHR).

Class Activities

Based on my class planning, to tap their existing knowledge and prior experience, I first asked the students to take a minute or two to think back their visits to a doctor, and to write down the format(s) their health records were in, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the format(s). Next, I made a brief class presentation of the definition and characteristics of EHR, and played a YouTube video clip showing what paperless doctors’ offices looked like in a Hawaiian hospital and what the doctors thought of the transition from PHR to EHR.  Then I asked the students to discuss the pros and cons of EHR versus PHR based on their knowledge or prior experience, as well as my lecture and the video clip. I summarized the discussion on the blackboard based on my notes to guide discussion. In the end, the students were asked to fill out a paper form so that I could  assess their learning as well as my teaching and the class content.

Learning Assessment

For the first question in the assessment form, I asked the students to write down briefly whether they think EHR should totally replace PHR and the reasons. Judging from their responses, the students had a better idea of the record keeping mechanisms in today's healthcare services.

Reflections On Teaching With Technology
Technologies, especially emerging web applications, can significantly facilitate the important step in adult learning-----establishing relationships between the old and the new cognition. Upon retrospection, I realized that I should have summarized the pros and cons of EHR versus PHR in a concept map created in Microsoft Visio to help the students better visualize the new knowledge and relate it with their existing knowledge or prior experience. I could also have created a discussion board on Angel and asked the students to post their ideas after class, which have not been discussed in the limited class time. 

Evidence of Teaching Effectiveness


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