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Access 2007 Tutorial

Course Name: IST 420 “Fundamentals of System and Enterprise Integration”

Students Semester Standing: most juniors; a few seniors

Class Duration: 75 minutes.

Class Context

The students were required to integrate and analyze real transaction data in a case study. In order to help them complete this case study, a tutorial on Access 2007 was needed. They had learned about database and Access 2003 some time ago, but may have forgotten the most part.

Class Objectives

The students were expected to be able to proficiently use Access 2007 to create a database, tables, and queries that were appropriate for solving problems relevant to the case study.

Class Activities

In the class presentation, the students were introduced to database and Database Management System, and were shown step by step in screen shots how to use Access 2007 to create a database, tables and queries that were relevant to the case study. They were asked to do some small in-class exercises using a sample dataset based on the handout. They were given the solutions as well. These class materials could be downloaded from the class web space in Angel, which was also the space where I had electronic communication with students. In the end, the students were asked to fill out a paper form to assess my teaching and this class. 

Learning Assessment

The students were not asked to turn in their solutions to the in-class exercises, and they were not graded on that. Their learning was roughly assessed through observations and questions they asked.

Reflections on Teaching With Technology
An important step in adult learning is establishing relationships between the old and the new cognition. This process can be significantly facilitated by technologies, especially emerging web applications. On retrospection, I realized that I should have take advantage of the web survey tools to more reliably assess the students' prior knowledge and their learning. Through the pre-class survey, I could know what they do not know before the tutorial, so that I could better prepare for the class content; through the post-class survey, I could assess what they know after the tutorial, so that I could be better prepared for helping with their completion of the case study. In this post-class survey, I could also include the questions in the paper form that were used for assessing my teaching and this class.

Evidence of Teaching Effectiveness
  • Student Feedback/Assessment