SSH Support in SIP Communicator using JCraft SSH2 Java Implementation



     This project aims to provide SSH services integrated in SIP Communicator which will give the users the extra facility of communicating with remote machines over SSH from the comfort zone of chat windows. This facility can prove very useful for network admins in managing/supervising their network, and also for support teams of an organization where technical support staff will be able to help their customers while talking/chatting with them.

This project aims to fulfill the following primary objectives:- 
 *-* Treat remote machines as their buddies.
    Users will be able to add remote machines to their buddy lists by creating an account(passive) of the SSH type by providing details such as machine name/IP address, port, username, password, HTTP proxy, even a nick name and icon :-) etc. When the account is enabled, the messenger will display an appropiate representation of the machine status such as online(machine reachable[pinging] and SSH services are enabled), offline(machine is unreachable), unknown[machine is reachable but SSH services are disabled).
The user will be au fait with the status of the machine as it will be updated periodically :-)
*-* SSH sessions to be emulated as chat sessions
    Users starting a chat conversation with a remote machine(online) will be able to start SSH sessions(even multiple sessions at the same time by clicking again on the machine icon in his buddy list) with remote machines. Here a message sent from the user to the machine will be sent as command to remote machine and its output will be emulated as a chat response from the remote machine. Shortcuts for interupting the command, putting the current job into background etc will also be provided to the user.
*-* [Optional] File transfers
    Users will be able to upload/download files to/from the remote machine.
Some simple yet useful[cool] Features
*-* User-defined Macros
    Users will be able to store macros which will expand to various commands during active sessions.
*-* Bookmarking directories
    Users will be able to bookmark their favourite directories.