MA1505, Semester1, 2007-2008,

National University of Singapore

Teaching Materials

Hi, everyone!

I am currently teaching tutorial groups A15, A17, B02, and B08 for engineering students who take the module
MA1505: Mathematics I.

I put some teaching and studying materials on the website.
I hope it will be useful for you.

Tel:  6516-8974 (Office)




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Tutorial Materials:


Solutions to the Final Examinations (2002-2006)


You can download the file from here, and I will explain all the solutions in the tutorial.




Teaching Slides and Solutions


 No.      Tutorial Slides      Tutorial Solutions      Ultimate Ed.
  01            Download                    Download                         --------
 02            Download                    Download                         --------
 03            Download                    Download                         --------
 04            Download                    Download                    Download
 05            Download                    Download                    Download
 06                  --------                          Download                    Download
 07            Download                    Download                    Download
 08            Download                    Download                    Download
 09                  --------                          Download                    Download
  10                  --------                          Download                    Download
  1 1                  --------                           Download                           --------    

Note: The ultimate edition concludes the solutions for all the tutorial questions, which will contain more details for you to understand the solutions.



Two very important dictionaries for you

Table of Integrals, Series, and Products, Seventh Edition

Handbook of Exact Solutions for Ordinary Differential Equations, 2nd Edition




17 Reference Books

Click here to view the list of books




Solutions to the Mid-term Test (2002-2006) 


I use these slides to explain some difficulty problems in the tuturial:



Time Table:  


Monday    09-10    Tutorial Group A15    E4-04-05


Monday    10-11    Tutorial Group B08    E4-04-05


Monday    12-13    Tutorial Group A17    E1-06-09


Friday      10-11    Tutorial Group B02    E1-06-06


Monday    13-14        Consultation        E1A-03-06



Other Links and Downloads:


Previous Test Papers


These papers can be get from by searching MA1505, or download from my webfolder from




Solutions of "Thomas Calculus"     Solutions  

Solutions of "Advanced Eng. Maths."     Solutions



Tutor's Comments


Some tutors are writting comments after each tutorial, you can see the files in the IVLE forum, or download from my webfolder!