Welcome to the JINA Webinar Series!

JINA webinars are held to facilitate communication among JINA institutions. We anticipate one webinar per month hosted each time by a different institution.
There are three ways to participate:
  1. Each webinar is hosted by one institution, where the speaker is actually giving a presentation in a seminar room in front of an audience.
  2. Other major JINA institutions will broadcast the presentation in a seminar room in front of an audience (marked "remote")
  3. Others can join the webinar as an individual remote participant using their personal computer anywhere (click on date in table)
Real and remote participants can ask questions and participate in the discussion.
 Date & Time  Location Room Building Speaker Institution
Feb 24
12:30pm (sign up now)
 MSU 1400 BPS
Rene Reifarth University of Frankfurt     Nuclear astrophysics constraining cosmology   
 University of Chicago(remote) Conference-West LASR
 ANL (remote) A114 203
 ASU (remote) 546 GWC
 Notre Dame (remote) 124 Nieuwland Science Hall