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The following pages provide links to the many galleries I have placed on the web for your enjoyment.  I do not charge for these images, and they may be downloaded for your personal use.  They may not be used for commercial purposes without my approval (which has a very high probability of being given).  I do, however strongly encourage you to contribute to one of the following organizations an amount you feel equates to the value of any images you download.  The images are not at full resolution as the originals are very large files, however they should be more than adequate for anything other than a very big enlargement.  If you require the full size file, please email me at jimwallac@gmail.com and I will arrange to get you the high resolution file.  For the most part, these images have not been processed in any way other than some cropping.  There are many free programs that you can use to improve the image quality (exposure, color correction, etc.)  For Macintosh users, iPhoto provides basic adjustments.  For Windows users I recommend the free Picasa download from Google.  Upon request, I can provide basic or more advanced adjustments.  A gallery of some Photoshop possibilities appears on the miscellaneous galleries page.

Some Potential Donor Organization 

* It has been brought to my attention that some controversy exists concerning the degree to which some organizations actually provide funds to their purported purposes.  Please investigate further any charity you may give to.