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English Translations of Dzogchen Atiyoga Texts


Kunjed Gyalpo Series


Ornament of the State of Samantabhadra

Commentary on the All-Creating King

Pure Perfect Presence

Great Perfection of All Phenomena.


Volume One - 2nd Edition

Commentary on Chapters 1-10 of the kun byed rgyal po


Written in Tibetan by

Khenpo Zhenphen Öser


Translated into English by

Jim Valby




Order 327 page Volume One-2nd Edition (chapters 1-10)

Order 325 page Volume Two (chapters 11-29)

Order 344 page Volume Three (chapters 30-40)

Order 413 page Volume Four (chapters 41-57)

Order 210 page Volume Five (chapters 58-69)

Order 284 page Volume Six (chapters 70-84)

Order 150 page Volume Seven (2 Longchenpa Commentaries on the Kunjed Gyalpo)

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The Tibetan Commentary on the Kunjed Gyalpo is about 2400 folios.  Here are the publication dates for the eighth Volumes in the Kunjed Gyalpo Series.


Volume 1, root text & commentary, chapters 1-10, Feb-2009 (2nd edition June-2016)

Volume 2, root text & commentary, chapters 11-29, Nov-2009

Volume 3, root text & commentary, chapters 30-40, Jun-2011

Volume 4, root text & commentary, chapters 41-57, Aug-2012

Volume 5, root text & commentary, chapters 58-69, May-2013

Volume 6, root text & commentary, chapters 70-84, Nov-2014

Volume 7, Longchenpa's Kunjed Düdön and Rinchen Druwo, Seo-2018

Volume 8, root text, chapters 1-84, with Tibetan critical edition, Sep-2019

Volume 9, Vairochana's Dochu (mdo bcu) summary of dzogchen semde, Apr-2019


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