Welcome to my website!
About the guitar...
I took up classical guitar in 1996. I studied with two terrific guitar teachers for over 10 years, when my wife gave me some studio time for my birthday, to record my CD!
It was more difficult than I imagined, taking over 8 hours studio time to record 30 minutes of music. I'm proud of how it came out!
Wood Turning and Carving
I took up woodworking on the lathe in November of 2008. I started out making pens for friends and family for Christmas. When penmaking started getting boring, I started turning out some bottle stoppers. Late in 2009 I started turning wood bowls, which I found to be a real challenge. Other projects, like wine glasses and pepper mills, soon followed. I even did some wood carving on one of my bowls!
Let me know what you think!