Brookdale Primary School Mural

Recent mural Brookdale primary School a celebration  appropriately uploaded on St George's day as you shall see and this was a pure Godincidence Amen

This is the first cafe-just a part of Slinky's in Banks Road West Kirby
                                 I have been creating public and private murals in cafes,homes and railway tunnels .

To commission a mural email: jimtheartistfleming@googlemail.com

Telephone 0151 625 1309.
Prices start at £400 for  a 6 foot x 6 foot square(slightly less than 2metres) 
with none refundable deposit of £120  as part payment  purchases the scale measured watercolour   design.
£80 is then paid to cover material costs and the final payment is made for the other 50% on completion.
 I adjust these prices in ratio to the size of your  personalised mural.

Under the Mersey Moon mural in City Cafe Stanley Street Liverpool

the mural in City Cafe Stanley Street Liverpool an illustration of Jimmy Rae's charity single