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From coops and condos to houses and commercial buildings: Whether you're buying or selling, leasing or borrowing, or you have a dispute involving real estate, let our broad experience work for you



Our experience practicing, litigating, teaching, and publishing in Real Estate Law enables us to advise and represent you in all kinds of real estate matters, including sales, purchases, refinances, and even disputes involving real estate.  We can also stop foreclosures, negotiate loan modifications, and represent you in all phases of short sales.


Real estate law is often obscure and complex.  The Law Office of Jim D. Sarlis cuts through the fog and provides clear, useful legal advice in all types of real estate matters.  We are experienced in situations involving both commercial and residential real estate, including co-ops and condos. 

Whether you are buying or selling, or lending or borrowing, we are able to advise you on the best options available to help you complete the transaction.  Furthermore, we offer assistance during negotiations and review closing documents.

We also take on complex issues such as litigation, adverse possession, constructive trusts, and are versed in both prosecution and defense of all types of real estate litigation and foreclosures.

As a member of the faculty of Queens College of CUNY, Jim D. Sarlis has taught Real Estate Law in its paralegal program, which is governed by the American Bar Association.

In response to client demand in the midst of the economic crisis gripping our nation, we have also recently focused on stopping foreclosure, loan modification, and short sales.  For more information on these topics, click HERE.

Jim D. Sarlis is also the author of articles on real estate and related subjects.  To view an abstract of a published article written by Mr. Sarlis on constructive trusts as they relate to real estate, click HERE. You can also go to our Articles & Bulletins and Blog sections for articles on real estate, as well as a variety of other topics, written by Jim D. Sarlis and others.  Check out our Videos  section, too.  For example, to view a three part series of videos explaining Real Estate Transactions in New York, click HERE.  In our Definitions section, we explain commonly used terms.