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We are an experienced and knowledgeable Trust Law firm, located right near you, in Queens NY, that concentrates on Trust, Estate, Will, Administration, and Probate issues, including:
Trusts - Inter Vivos or Living Trusts (revocable or irrevocable), testamentary trusts, including ...
Medicaid Planning Trust - setting up a Medicaid compliant Trust to protect assets while applying for Medicaid to provide long term care at home, at an Assisted Living Facility, or in a Nursing Home.
Special Needs Trust or Supplemental Needs Trust - special trusts that allow a person to preserve assets while still remaining eligible for government benefits.  Depending on the circumstances, these can be set up privately (through preparation and execution of a Trust Agreement) or via a Court proceeding.  In many cases we can have them considered set up retroactively, to make sure assets are protected from the very beginning when the need arose.
Trust and Estate Court Proceedings, including:
    -  Surrogate's Court Proceedings
    -  Will Contests, Contested Probate, Other
         Contested Proceedings
    -  Accountings and Accounting Proceedings
    -  Cy Pres Proceedings
    -  Other Trust or Estate Litigation
Estate Planning - Wills, Trusts, and other ways to make sure your assets pass to your loved ones while minimizing taxes, and protecting assets passing to minors or relatives with special needs who are entitled to government benefits.
Wills - drafting Wills, especially those containing Trust provisions in them, to protect a spouse, minor child, person with special needs, etc.;  probate, contested proceedings, advising Executors and Trustees.
Advance Directives - Power of Attorney (Note:  New York recently overhauled its  Power of Attorney Law and the Power of Attorney Forms), Health Care Proxy, and Living Will.  Having these in place can give you peace of mind, providing your loved ones with a clear expression of your wishes, as well as the authority to carry them out.
Business Succession - protecting the family business and making sure it gets passed on to future generations. 

Saving Taxes - minimize estate and gift taxes, income taxes, and capital gains taxes.
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Queens Trust Lawyer Jim D. Sarlis, Esq. has over 25 years' experience in the Trusts & Estates field and can help you in all phases of Trust Law.  From drafting Trusts, to creating or modifying them by Court Proceeding, to advising Trustees, we help you make informed decisions on these very important matters as we guide you and represent you every step of the way.  You and your family are our #1 priority here at the Law Office of Jim D. Sarlis, and our goal is to give you peace of mind. Contact us by phone at (718) 276-0010 or by email at sarlislaw@aol.com to discuss your particular situation.