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  • Elder Abuse
      This video discusses and defines examples of Elder Abuse, as well as warning signs to look for.




  • Senior Church Choir sings rap, hip hop
    Seniors sing well-known songs by Eminem, MC Hammer, Pussy Cat Dolls, etc. (Oddly entertaining, especially the finale -- over one million views on YouTube)  



  • Estate Planning, Trusts, Gift Tax - 3 Part Series
      California attorney (a Fellow of the American College of Trusts and Estates) discussing:  Estate planning concepts; revocable and irrevocable trusts; gifts, their tax implications, and how to use them to benefit your estate plan*

                                          This series consists of three videos:

                                 -  Estate Planning Basics 

                                 -  Trusts

                                 -  Gift Tax



  • Fred Thompson on the Economy
      Hilarious summary of the state of the economy and the measures being taken to fix it, dripping with tongue-in-cheek sarcasm. Regardless of your political leanings, you should find this very engaging and thought-provoking.  (As of December 2008)

                  Trying to spend our way out of our current economic crisis "is like telling a fat guy the way to lose weight is to eat more donuts ..."




This series consists of three videos:

                                 -  Why you need a lawyer 

                                 -  Closing costs

                                 -  Comparing mortgages

  • Foreclosures: 5 Part Series
      This series of five videos by VideoJug explains the foreclosure process, alternatives available, and surviving the aftermath of foreclosure

This series consists of five videos:

                                 -  Avoiding Foreclosure

                                 -  Foreclosure Terms You Should Know

                                 -  Foreclosure Step by Step

                                 -  Foreclosure - Alternative Solutions

                                 -  Surviving Foreclosure         


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* Consult a New York trusts & estates/elder law attorney to review your particular situation.