Google Earth Virtual Tour

Don't have the money for a missions trip?  Take a virtual tour of our ministry!

Take the virtual tour and get a better understanding of our ministry on the island of Trinidad. The tour starts with a view of the globe from outer space and then zooms down into a closer view of the island of Trinidad.

This is where it gets exciting! As the tour progresses you will find yourself spiraling down for a final approach into Trinidad's international airport. Once you are set up on approach you will then be brought in for a landing just like you would if you were flying commercially into Trinidad.

Once you're clear of the runway you will fly, helicopter style, for an aerial view of the airport, and then continue following the roads that will take you into the community where Arouca Baptist Church is located.




Explore the recreation grounds where we have our tent meetings, see where we conduct baptisms, and several other points of interests that relate to our ministry. Play the preset tour or take off exploring on your own!

To see more information about the places you visit click the marked icons for pictures and web links with additional content.


First you will need to download Google Earth. It is a free download that can be accessed below:

Free Google Earth

Next you will need to download the virtual missions trip file below. If you have Google earth downloaded to your computer it should start automatically and open your virtual missions trip file.


On the left side of the Google Earth control panel there is a section labeled "Places". There should be a folder in that section marked "Temporary Places". If your virtual missions trip file opened correctly there should be a sub-folder labeled "Ministry in Trinidad", select this folder and then click on the black triangle at the bottom of the section to play the full tour.

**Important Tips**

To really get the effect of what Trinidad really looks like make sure you have Google Earth set to enable the mountains. On the left side of the Google Earth control panel there is a section labeled "Layers" make sure you check the folder marked "Terrain".

I was amazed at how real it makes it look!

After the tour is finished, you can double click any of the places in the tour and zoom to that point for further examination.

Also, remember you can get more info about the places that you visit in the tour by clicking on them in the control panel or by clicking their icon on the map.

If you have a slow internet connection you may want to go through each Placemark slowly and allow Google Earth to download the images you need before playing the tour.

What if I don't have Google Earth?

If you're still unsure about going to all the trouble of downloading Google Earth onto your computer, you can still visit all of the places in our tour in the 2D version on the interactive map below. You shouldn't have to download anything and you will still be able to explore the places in the tour. Who knows. . .maybe the preview will convince you to download Google Earth and get the full experience!

You can move the map around with your cursor. Use the tools on the left to zoom in and out. Click on the map markers for more information about the sites.

View Larger Map

If you have any problems taking your virtual tour you can email me, your virtual tour guide, at:

If that doesn't work you just might have to come see it in person!