Rides to the polls will be available for anyone that needs it. See your area below.

Warren area, call Bob Davis - 330.565.4089
area, call George Kaniclides - 330.540.1317
area, call Jim Robbins - 330.442.7170
area, call Dave Vlosich - 330.979.2773
All other areas, call Jim Phillips - 330.980.8280

Jim Phillips for Sheriff
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Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism.

Hello Neighbor,

name is James R. Phillips and those three words represent the foundation of my campaign to be elected as your next Sheriff of Trumbull County.

Since my law enforcement career began in 1973, I have worked for positive change in Trumbull County. My family and I now feel that the time has come for me to seek elected office. I want to bring fresh ideas and positive change to the Sheriff’s office by running for Sheriff.

James R. Phillips for Sheriff
My priorities have always been about the safety of our citizens, reducing crime, and now I’m trying to return the Sheriff’s office back into a professional unit that the citizens of Trumbull County deserve. A Sheriff's office based on the principles of honesty, integrity and professionalism.

I believe these principles have been compromised in the sheriff’s office in the past few years, primarily to a lack of morale over leadership and lack of training. The current sheriff has been “reactionary” in dealing with misbehavior after it happens. I will be proactive to ensure that background checks and the appropriate, pre-employment testing including physical fitness is conducted with potential employees. I will provide better supervision to prevent bad behavior. Good supervision stops a problem before it occurs or escalates.

Please join me in restoring honesty, integrity and professionalism back to the Sheriff's office. I am asking for your support and your vote.


James R. Phillips

TV Spots
Our campaign ads are beginning to appear on local TV. Please be sure to share!
Jim Phillips for Sheriff
Jim Phillips for Sheriff
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Jim Philips for Sheriff - DiVieste Speech
Lt. Colonel William Costas, a 33-year veteran of the Ohio State Highway Patrol, introduces James R. Philips for Trumbull County Sheriff, during a fund raising dinner on Nov. 7, 2011. Click the image above to see the video.

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