Jimmy's homepage

Jimmy (Jianhui) Chen
E-mail: jhchen14@cs.ubc.ca
Research area: Computer Vision

I am a third year Phd student of Computer Science Department in University of British Columbia. My supervisor is Jim Little.
I have studied in CAD&CG lab in Zhejiang University and the Centre for Vision Research in York University.
I had an internship in Disney Research 2014, supervised by Dr. Peter Carr.

I use C++ for most part of my work based on OpenCV, VXL, and VLFeat.

From September 2016 to April 2017, I organized Computer Vision Reading Group (cvrg) in UBC.


Camera Relocalization

 Backtracking Regression Forests for Accurate Camera Relocalization

  L Meng, J Chen, F Tung, J J. Little, J Valentin and C.W. de Silva.  IROS 2017 conditionally accepted


  [pdf ] [code] 

 Exploiting Random RGB and Sparse Features for Camera Pose Estimation

  L Meng, J Chen, F Tung, J J. Little and C.W. de Silva.  BMVC 2016 Poster


 [pdf ] [basketball dataset (180 Mb) ] [code]
 Computer Vision for Sports

Light Cascaded Convolutional Neural Networks for Accurate Player Detection
  K Lu, J Chen, J J. Little and H He.  BMVC 2017 Poster
[pdf ] [project (dataset) ] [video (Youtube) ]

  Classification of Puck Possession Events in Ice Hockey
  M R. Tora, J Chen and J J. Little CVPRW (Computer Vision in Sports) 2017

 Where should cameras look at soccer games: improving smoothness using the overlapped   hidden Markov model

   J Chen and
J J. Little.  CVIU 2017

  [pre-print] [code]

 Learning Online Smooth Predictions for Realtime Camera Planning
 using Recurrent Decision Trees

  J Chen, H M. Le. P Carr, Y Yue, J J. Little CVPR2016 Oral
[pdf] [dataset (basketball)] [In media]


 Mimicking Human Camera Operators

  J Chen, P Carr. WACV2015

 [pdf] [learning code]
[calibration code] [ PTZ decomposition code][In media]

Computer Vision for 3D Film

 Calibration for High-definition Camera Rigs with Marker Chessboard

 J Chen, K Benzeroual, RS Allison. CVPRW 2012

 [pdf]  [code] [video]


 Robust Homography for Real-time Image Un-distortion

 J Chen, K Benzeroual, RS Allison. IC3D 2013

 [pdf] [code] [video] [In product]


 Shape Perception of Thin Transparent Object with Stereoscopic Viewing

 J Chen, RS Allison. ACM TAP 2013

 [pdf] [code] [video] [online]

Earlier work


 Image Re-targeting with Balanced Energy Map and Foreground Constraint

  J Chen, L Miao, X Liu. WWW2012

  [pdf] [code]