James Peck Visits English 612

A night of playful and FUN improv games (in the family of the game 'tag')

 with James Peck of Del'Arte International


Playing tag in graduate school is an experience I will remember. Not only because it was so very fun, but also because it was absolutely applicable and related to the subject matter of the class.

This experience with improv taught me to be in the moment, to take risks and to IMPROVISE! This translates into teaching because it encourages us to be present and really listen to make collaboration truly collaborative.

In this game we had to be on our toes and act on a moment’s impulse in response to what others did. This made me think of collaborative learning and dialogue in the classroom; I can strive to be just as receptive and responsive in teaching as I was playing this improv game.

James Peck also talked with us about fear and how to work with fear to raise the stakes for whatever it is you are doing, be it teaching or running away from the person who is "it."

This night of improv enlivened my interest in collaborative learning, reminding me how much fun it can be to follow where conversation and collaboration takes you rather than trying to direct the class to where you think it should go.

A huge thank you to James Peck for coming down and 

helping us have such a good time!