Improvisation, Collaboration and The Writing Classroom 

a project by Kendra Ross

for Dr. Stacey's English 612

at Humboldt State University

Spring 2008

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Research Essay


•Hypothesis: Collaborative learning environments benefit from 
an improvisation-based methodology. 
•Hypothesis: Principles of improvisation enrich dialogue and      cooperation to create a genuinely transformative space.

•Hypothesis: The improvisational and collaborative, dialogue-  
based, "transformative" classroom models the writing (and critical thinking) process, thereby enabling deeper insight to emerge and fostering critical thinking organically in groups rather than individually.

Research Procedure:

1. Kenneth Bruffee, "Collaborative Learning and the 'Conversation of Mankind'" (1984)

2. John Trimbur, "Consnsus and Difference in Collaborative Learning" (1989) 

3. R. Keith Sawyer, "Creative Teaching: Collaborative Discussion as Disciplined Improvisation" (2004)