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Ernest J. Gaines, acclaimed titan of American letters, had high praise for Deadly Pedigree: "This novel starts with a bang, and ends with a bang. It is a mystery, with all the characters you will find in most good mysteries--tough ones, evil ones, good ones, and in-between ones. The scenes of New Orleans (of the Quarter and the Garden District) and those of Natchitoches are brilliant. The plot takes us back into history, with a subject that is quite familiar: an older generation trying its best to keep a secret of identity from a younger generation."

"If you are interested in genealogy or Louisiana history or just a well-written mystery by a new author, I recommend Deadly Pedigree." Tony Fennelly, world-renowned mystery author
"Jimmy Fox has crafted an involved and engrossing story that is interesting and fresh. His writing skills are top-notch, and his characters are well drawn." Deadly Pedigree--from review by Nancy Mehl, author, for

"Private detectives and police investigators are often characterized as shady individuals in mysteries, but Jimmy Fox took a giant leap from that standard when he developed the character of 'Nick Herald, Ph.D., CG.' Herald's unethical behavior is so routine throughout Deadly Pedigree as to make one wonder whether the author is purposefully mocking the field. Genealogists are known for their use of cemetery records to solve genealogical mysteries, but Nick Herald digs too deeply when he opens a casket to remove a sealed jar with documents he needs to solve his case. . . . Fox demonstrates an excellent understanding of the players in the genealogical field. He sprinkles his story with references to the American Society of Genealogists, the Association of Professional Genealogists, the Board for Certification of Genealogists, and the Family History Library. He even portrays Herald as a reader of the National Genealogical Society Quarterly. He describes census records correctly and touts the value of city directories, deeds, military files, passenger arrival manifests, tax rolls, and vital records."--Kathleen W. Hinckley, professional genealogist and private investigator (CGRS, PI); excerpt from review of Deadly Pedigree for National Genealogical Society Quarterly

"Whether or not you like genealogy, you can't help but find Nick's methods ingenious, logical, and interesting. Yes, his morals are a bit shaky at times but in the end he does figure out what is right for him and the people around him."--from a review of Deadly Pedigree by Terry Frey Weingart for

Christine's Book List on Lineages and Lies: "Jimmy Fox's books are just what all of us genealogy and mystery fans need. Genealogy is mystery. I've personally read Lineages and Lies and was on the edge of my seat while being educated about the secrets of lineage societies. I look forward to reading Jackpot Blood, his newest!"

Janet Elaine Smith, author, teacher, and editor, on Lineages and Lies: "As a genealogist for over 20 years, Lineages and Lies was instantly appealing to me. . . . The plot line of the ship and its counterpart is so believable, I found myself going to my own genealogical library to see if I could find out more about the story. When I found nothing, I contacted Jimmy Fox to see where he had found his facts. To my surprise, he admitted that the plot existed solely in his mind. It was a masterfully-woven story, the likes of which are usually based on fact, but so realistic that it easily could have been." --from review for

Cheryl Kaye Tardif, author of Whale Song, Divine Intervention, and The River. Cheryl writes that Jackpot Blood is "a 'whale' of a treat! . . . In fact, after reading Jackpot Blood, you'll be ready to shout 'Jackpot!'" And there's more: "Jackpot Blood is rich with Louisiana imagery. Author Jimmy Fox exhibits an almost poetic quality in his descriptive ambiance. The quirky characters are 3-dimensional and ripe with spicy flavor--Louisiana 'Hot Sauce' to an avid reader!"

Christine's Book List, reviewing Jackpot Blood: "Tired of the genealogy textbooks? Give your brain a rest and delve into some genealogy fiction with a sinister twist. Read Jackpot Blood and you just might learn a thing or two about genealogy research. In his newest Nick Herald Genealogical Mystery, Jimmy Fox weaves the essence of genealogy research seamlessly into the story with wonderfully long descriptions of real genealogy methods and existing records. . . . As an author Fox does his job so well in this book I suspected everyone and everything of having a motive to kill."

Carolyn Becker, nonfiction writer and mystery fan, enjoyed Jackpot Blood: "Unlike many mysteries that hold the reader's attention only to fall apart at the end, Jackpot Blood builds to a very suspenseful conclusion that is engrossing and totally in character with the story."

Janet Elaine Smith reviewing Jackpot Blood on "As a genealogist myself, I applaud Jimmy Fox's thorough research. He leaves you wondering where the facts leave off and the fiction begins. . . . His fiction is as authentic as his facts. . . . Highly educational, entertaining, and well worth the time spent in reading it. Very highly recommended."

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