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An informal group of active sea kayakers based in north west England.


NWSK – North West Sea Kayakers


Introduction - what we do.........

NWSK is a friendly, informal and independent group motivated by the desire to paddle together and enjoy the mutual experience of exploring  the UK coastline, and locations further afield.


....what we don't do.........

NWSK is not a formal club or training organization and is not in the position to provide coaching, guided trips or  loan any equipment. Anyone wishing to learn about sea kayaking or develop specific skills are advised to attend a suitable course run by approved providers, and/or join a local BCU affiliated canoe / kayaking club with an active sea kayaking section.


Your Responsibility

Your participation is on the basis that you are over 18 years old and responsible for your own safety. As a competent paddler you should be able to make your own decisions and support other members of the group with mutual respect. You should be competent in deep water rescue techniques, both as a victim and rescuer. In addition, all members of the group should be suitably dressed and equipped for prevailing conditions.


Organized Trips 

Trips are planned and co-ordinated by members of the group who are volunteers and act as a point of contact who are interested in kayaking in the chosen area. These trips are NOT guided trips run by qualified instructors. If you wish to join a trip you should contact the organizer well in advance, usually via the NWSK 'Forum'  for which you will need a user name and password. Please bear in mind that numbers are limited on NWSK trips and can often be over subscribed.


Once you have made contact with the organizer please be prepared to discuss your abilities, experience and expectations, as well as any medical considerations and contact details. The organizer will notify you about times and location of departure. Please respect the organizer’s decision if they advise that the trip is not suitable for you or that plans are changed due to weather conditions.                                                                                                                NWSK Home Page