North West Sea Kayakers


An informal group of active sea kayakers based in north west England.

The 'North West Sea Kayakers' is an informal group run by paddlers for paddlers. We do not have a club structure - therefore no committee to set rules. We usually meet in Northern England and North Wales throughout the year but there are frequent trips further afield. Trips are organised by established members of the group and newcomers are welcome to join us. We are not a training group so all who paddle with us should have basic competency, (i.e. able to keep their bum in the boat!) an awareness of the risks involved and be responsible for their own actions. 

We are drawn to the sea by a common interest; a spirit of adventure and freedom, we  are all individuals but value the sharing of knowledge and experience.We don't have training facilities like a club or engage in coaching sessions, but have a wealth of knowledge and experience which we are happy to share especially over a pint or two or around a warm beach fire.

If you would like to find out more about joining NWSK trips click here.