woodcut prints

Et, t'est qui toi ,  (and who are you)
  Osprey feeding fledglings.

Celtic Forest




   A portrait of the oldest Cypress tree in the U.S., 1000 + years old,  located on Cat Island National Wildlife Refuge. It had no name so I named it after the Columbia Space Ship because the day I made my pilgrimage to see the Cypress tree was the day the spaceship came apart on reenter. ( Feb. 1, 03). We were in the debris field and heard sonic crackling and booming of the debris falling. I don't understand the consequences of me being there except that I had to do this piece of art.
  Just a few seconds of time in the life of this ancient tree.

Louisiana Fleur des Lis

Louisiana Fleur des Lis
  Louisiana's state wildflower

Cypress Kaleidoscope 

Balle des camarons,  (dance of the shrimp)

Le Vol des Papillons    (Flight of the Butterflys)
  The monarch butterflys that take 4 generations to migrate to South America.

Marsh Hogs