The Strut / Woodcut Printmaking Process

 There are seven wooden color blocks,carved to create this print. Blue, light yellow, red, green, brownish orange, blue black, and lavender. They are printed in that sequence to get the best color overlapping in order to achieve the different colors and values.

The frame I put the blocks in is used to register the different colors. By clamping the paper to the straight edge and top of the frame, the paper will lay down in register with all the other colors. This register was accomplished by making the basic or black block first, then clamping the paper on the straight edge and printing it. While the ink was still wet, without unclamping it from the frame, I placed another block in position on the frame and transferred the wet ink from the paper onto the new block. I repeated this on six more blocks. Once I had the basic image on the blocks I was able to carve each block so that the only thing left in relief was what I wanted to print in each color.

The carved block for printing the blue.

Pulling a print from the red and green combination block.

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                                                24"x 32"

                                                               The first color, blue is printed

The bamboo barren is used to press the paper to the inked block.