At BACK TO THE SIXTIES Show at the Baton Rouge 
Art Gallery where the original founders were honored of which I was one of eight. My woodcut print Fais Do Do, behind me was auctioned off for $1,100.00 to benefit the Gallery.

email, jimjeansonne@gmail.com
Baton Rouge,La.

Born 7/19/41 in Monroe La.
Gr. Sacred Heart of Ville Platte, La.
BA at LSU in fine arts
Graphic artist for WBRZ-TV, Franklin Press. La Highway Dept., and LSU Dept. of Publications. 
Shown works in The Baton Rouge Gallery, La. State Show
for Professional Artists,Art Melt in Baton Rouge
 Lafayette Annual Art Show, 
Christus  St. Patrick Show in Lake Charles
Baton Rouge Art Melt 2014
Baton Rouge Arts Council Artrepreneur Show 2014
Art Markets such as Red Stick, Perkins Rowe, White Light Nights. Hot Art  and several different private galleries 
 over the years. Currently in Lagniappe Gallery B,R,
I was one of the founding artists of 
The Baton Rouge Gallery

 About Myself

   I am an Acadian Louisiana artist. My interests are in the Louisiana wildlife, culture, and people of the State. My favorite mediums are: fine art printmaking (etching, woodcuts, lithography, etc.), sculpture, painting, furniture (woodworking), and photography in that order.

  I was born in Louisiana, living in many different areas of the state. As a naturalist, the wildlife of Louisiana has been one of my interests in subject matter for my art. My family roots are in the south Louisiana French Acadian culture that has had much influence on my life.

   Printmaking is my most compelling medium. Even when working on a one color print I have to remember and work towards a picture that will be a mirror image of what I want. It's like having a surprise waiting for me. It becomes really interesting when working on a multicolor print. I have to visualize in full color what I want and work on each color block or plate with the other colors to be added. In each color printed I must know what the color will be when it is printed over the other colors. Depending on how I work the transparencies, there are numerous color combinations I can create. To me, the process is more intriguing than mixing each color on a pallet and applying to a canvas. In some cases I do some hand coloring of prints.

   I'm not an artist that does art in one sitting. I have to create a project over time. I think of something I would like to do and then proceed to go in that direction. I try to make my art tell a story of a captured moment, incorporating however, some esthetic movement. 



Reclining Bather, a bronze sculpture, after being broken out of the mold.

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