We are big, we are strong, we are beautiful! 


You can read about type and how siberiancat should look like in various sites, so I am not going to write that same text again. I am going to tell you, why I am so madly in love with Jimi and Minttu, two beautifull siberiancats.

They are strong, they are kind and they have they own will. They have big eyes that can talk to your heart. They paws are huge if you compare to almost any other cat breed. Still those paws don't hurt you, but they keep you captured under their power all their life.

Siberiancats are not all the same. They are personalities. Jimi is bit reserved and likes to look new situations carefully. He has very strong will, but knows how he should behave. 

Minttu is the loudest purring cat I have ever known. When she purrs the bed or even ground shakes. Wake up, here I come!

... more coming up.



Jimi the Tigercat


Aina the Silverlightning


Minttu the Sweetiegirl


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