Minttu is juniorwinner JW! It happened in Kuopio 16.9. and Minttu won judges panel with all the votes. Our sweet winner! 


Fourth time Best in Show 3.9.2006!  


Minttu is so sweet, Minttu is so wonderfull that nobody can resist her sweetness.  It's only matter of time that the fifth time comes and then Minttu will be junior winner. 


Great show news. Minttu and Aina were marvellous in last show.  

Both Best In Show! Minttu was best in both days.


 Aina made history. She was first kurilian bobtail to be best in show in finland. My sweet girl.

 And here is Minttu. She has been two time two days in shows and four times she has been judges best and three times Best in show.


 Jimi has so far been in shows in the shadow on his brother Ramses who has  won everything that there is to win. :) But now Jimi is neutered and he will join the girls with their show trips in the future.




Jimi the Tigercat


Aina the Silverlightning


Minttu the Sweetiegirl


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