Kiia, Aina's sister, is our very best friend! We go to see her every now and then. This is picture of Kiia and Aina at Kiia's home.

Look how wonderful Kiia is! True pleasure to admire. 



Then there is the Lumikissan family! Tiina and Pasi has a Lumikissan cattery in Vaasa Finland. That's where we come from. I will put a picture here, but how can you choose a picture, whet there are so many cats in their house? Oh, well there lives one of the worlds most georgious, worlds most beautifull cat called Nanna (Ursula Dauria, from russia). Here she is with her first kittens.

This is Faina, sweeter than sweet little siberiancat kitten, who lives quite near us. 



This is my sister Jasmina. She lives in Holland.


      And also Minttu's brother Matti moved to live with Jasmina.



Jimi the Tigercat


    Aina the Silverlightning


Minttu the Sweetiegirl


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Kurilian bobtail