Cat videos

It's fun to be cat! 

We heard that all visitors could not see these videos, so now they are in YouTube




Is cat a cat or a fish? I think it is cat, but who says you can't go fishing in a yard where is a cat. :)


Jimi in speed, Jimi again 


Minttu and the sunny day.


Aina is always busy outside.  


"Cat must always be nice and clean", Aina says to Minttu. 


I'm hunting spiders!

Berries are picked and we are having fun. New!


Up I go!  New!





Jimi the Tigercat


Aina the Silverlightning


Minttu the Sweetiegirl


Where we live 


Our dogs




Cat videos 



New! Texts are in finnish 

and in english.





Kurilian bobtail