selected papers

This is an incomplete sample of some of my papers. The article titles link to the full-text .pdf of the article. For a complete list, see my cv (where I've also linked to full-text for most papers. If you have difficulty finding any of them, please email me for a copy).

2020. jimi adams, David R. Schaefer & Andrea Vest Ettekal. "Crafting Mosaics: Person‐Centered Religious Influence and Selection in Adolescent Friendships" Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 59(1): 39-61.

2019. Stéphane Helleringer, jimi adams, Sara Yeatman & James Mkandawire. "Evaluating sampling biases from third-party reporting as a method for improving survey measures of sensitive behaviors." Social Networks (59): 134-140.

2018. jimi adams & David R. Schaefer. "Visualizing Stochastic Actor-Based Model Microsteps." Socius (4).

(note: authors contributed equally)

2017. jimi adams, David R. Schaefer & Thomas W. Valente (eds.) "Networks & Health." Special Issue of Network Science 5(3).

2017. James Moody, jimi adams & Martina Morris. "Epidemic potential by sexual activity distributions." Network Science 5(4): 461-475.

2016. jimi adams & David R. Schaefer. "How Initial Prevalence Moderates Network-Based Smoking Change: Estimating Contextual Effects with Stochastic Actor Based Models." Journal of Health & Social Behavior 57(1):22-38.

2016. Ryan Light & jimi adams. "Knowledge in Motion: The Evolution of HIV/AIDS Research." Scientometrics 107(3): 1227-1248.

2015. jimi adams & Ryan Light. "Scientific Consensus, the Law, and Same Sex Parenting Outcomes." Social Science Research 53: 300-310.

Here's a video of me summarizing the gist of this article and a related Op-Ed.

2013. jimi adams, James Moody & Martina Morris. "Sex, Drugs & Race: How Behaviors Differentially Contribute to STI-Risk Network Structure." American Journal of Public Health 103(2):322-329.

2012. jimi adams, Katherine Faust & Gina S. Lovasi (eds.). "Capturing Context: Integrating spatial & social network analyses." Social Networks 34(1):1-5.

2012. jimi adams, James Moody, Stephen Q. Muth & Martina Morris. “Quantifying the benefits of link-tracing designs for partnership network studies.” Field Methods 24(2): 175-193.

2009. jimi adams & Jenny Trinitapoli. “The Malawi Religion Project: Data collection & Selected Analyses.Demographic Research 21(10): 255-288.

*2007. jimi adams & James Moody. “To Tell the Truth? Measuring Concordance in Multiply-Reported Social Network Data.Social Networks 29(1): 44-58.

And, just for kicks - this first publication gave me an Erdős number of 4 (Erdős -- Frank Harary -- Douglas R. White -- James Moody -- me.) What's yours?